Learning Games for Kids – Educational Toys for 2-6 Years Olds Toddlers

Learning Games for Kid

Do you want to give your little pumpkin a first-class education without putting much burden on his brain? Well, it would be possible when your toddler has access to educational toys in his hands.

According to the NPD survey, 91 percent of U.S children between the ages of 2-17 play more video games because it gives them a sense of enjoyment and makes their mind very active while remembering things.

After choosing the learning games for kids, the schools have gained better results in the classrooms. Not only this, but other researchers also claimed that learning through play is more effective than the boring pen and pencil stuff. Though pre-scholastic toys and play nurture creativity and imagination, it even allows them to boost speech and language skills.

So, are you ready to provide the same platform to your lovable ones? Based on the research and editorial choice, we have compiled the list of top 11 learning games for kids/educational toys for 2-6-year-olds toddlers that you can consider for their betterment and make the tutoring fun.

1. Aquatic Animals Flashcards games

Check out the augmented and virtual reality 5D based aquatic flashcards covers the wide array of animals from Seahorse, Hammerhead, Goldfish, Sailfish, Jellyfish, Pufferfish, Octopus, Blue Whale, Hammerhead Shark, Frog, Crab, Lobster, Flying Fish, Turtle to Crocodile.

The exciting brain development quizzes, puzzles, flawless selfies make it one of the outstanding educational toys for 3-year-old kids. The super exciting gamification technique has a great potential to increase the cognitive and child’s motor skills at fingertips.

The amazing part of the game is its top-notch compatibility with mobile and tablets that means the aquatic learning app works efficiently on Android 6.0 & iOS 11 & above, with the limited RAM of 2 GB.

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Look at the explainer video about how these educational flashcards work.

 2. Insects Flashcards games

Let’s help your juvenile understand and read about 32 fearless names of aquatic animals and insects with new AR & VR techniques. Your child is filled with joy and laughter when he will see the favorite animals in front of his/her innocent eyes.

The combo pack features 5D pictures of starfish, dolphin, beetle, ladybird, jellyfish, hammerhead shark, blue whale, and much more. The interactive features and budget-friendly pricing makes it one of the best-suited learning/educational toys for kids 2-6-year-olds.

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3. Birds Flashcards games

The combination package of birds and aqua life flashcards come from the house of RedChimpz that works as learning toys for kids and are capable of sharpening the mind by following few activities. Your young adult will get a chance to play, learn, and interact with the captivating living things, likewise butterfly, jellyfish, dragonfly, bee, seahorse, hammerhead shark, blue whale, dolphin, octopus, beetle, etc.

All cards are based on the 5D technology and give the powerpack performance compared to the regular 3D and 4D educational toys for 2-7 year-olds. Apart from that, this virtual and augmented reality-based early learning game quickly operates on Android OS 6.0 and iOS latest versions.

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4. Wild Animals Flashcards games

Wild Animals flashcard games


The flawless wild animals are India’s favorite 5D+ educational games for kids/toddlers equipped by the experts, mainly to provide the whole zoo feel at home. All you need to do is comprehend the instructions and download the free application “5D” AR VR card from the app store or play store before using the 16 flashcards of wild animals one after another.

The manufacturer offers the gift card, 3D library, AR, VR that is beneficial for tracking the image of wild animals from Elephant, Hippopotamus, Leopard, Cheetah, Deer, Panda, Lion to Zebra. After monitoring the pictures, your daughter and son can play with them by tapping a few clicks on their smartphones and tablets.

The lucrative features of the scholastic digital product are brain development quizzes, puzzles, selfies in augmented reality, enjoyable games, and activities.

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5. Marvels of India KUBE

Marvels of India KUBE is the complete learning kit because it features an activity box, quizzes, 3D booklets, puzzles, virtual games, knowledge deck, educational toys/games for 7-year old kids. It gives a hassle-free experience to both supermoms and their adorable off-springs.

As we know, playing a mother role is very difficult when it comes to providing the right education to naughty & premature school goers.

But by gaming, you can give them hassle-free experience as it involves the popular 3D historical monuments of Mysore Palace, Hawa Mahal, India Gate, Char Minar, and Taj Mahal with their names that work as the memory booster as well as escalates the knowledge in logical reasoning.

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6. Animal Safari

Animal Safari is the perfect addition to take the toddlers on a virtual trip without investing hefty money. Educational toys for 6 year old powered by the AR VR technology for the exploration of the imaginative world of habitats, animals without going outside of the home.

The students can inspect around 11 animals in 3D, namely Chameleon, Rabbit, Elephant, Panda, Lion, Bear, Dinosaur, Horse, Rhinoceros, Camel. The combo container has a 3D journal, digital game, brain booster, trivia booklet, activity kit, skill report, card game, vocab cards, self-assessment worksheets.

Overall, it is one of the superb educational toys for toddlers that will grow their motor skills, creativity, imagination, general knowledge, critical & analysis thinking, and proffer them sufficient support while reading, writing, and memory building.

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7. Kindergarten Years

Kindergarten years are the trendy academic package to remind the exciting courses of LKG, UKG, & Nursery. Don’t forget to download the Kube application that is compulsory if you want to bring a fantastic fun of digital games on Tablet, iOS, and Android mobiles.

The cost of the product is a little bit in comparison to other learning toys for kids 2-7 year old. As it incorporates the range of materials from English story cards, self-assessment worksheets, English/Hindi rhymes, daily knowledge sessions, expression journal, alphabets A to Z, playdough activity, personalized skill report, scribble, ground zero sheet, English tracker cards, number chart, digital games, blow pen stencils and much more stuff that you can never imagine at once.


Besides, your charming doll and prince king will never stick on one subject as the kit has a wide variety of sections to get familiar with the major parts – environmental studies, English, Hindi, mathematics.

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8. Modes of  Transportation

Modes of transportation from Kubes company is the best-selling educational kit for kids equipped with the AR, VR & other innovative technologies for memory retention, vocabulary, and detailed knowledge buildings.

The all-in-one box offers cardboard VR glasses, expression journal, digital knowledge game, ground zero, personalized skill report, daily and Sunday knowledge brain booster series, creative illustrations to gain the full-fledge knowledge of motor engines, helicopters, trains, space shuttle, ships, aircraft in a 3D environment.

After regular practice, it magnifies the curiosity to learn more and give them a sturdy skill set of general knowledge, attention span building, hands & eye coordination, object recognition, analysis, and critical thinking.

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9. Shapes and Dimensions

Shapes and Dimensions are the special type of personalized based training and also known as educational toys for 7+ year kids. It aids in developing practical knowledge and boosts the visualization power to recall the tough things quickly.

To attain the overwhelming AR VR experience, you should download the free application to make better utilization of this digital package that has illustrations, worksheets, booklets, series, skill reports, activities, and games.

The app requires a maximum of 2 GB RAM to run on the Android operating system 6.0 and above iOS 11. The VR kit of 3D shapes is profitable for solving real-time complex mathematical problems in a fun-friendly environment.

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10. The Human Anatomy

Grab the entertaining learning games for kids that are available at the most affordable price. Containing human anatomy knowledge is extremely important to let the babies understand how the structure and the function of the body work.

With over 100-plus 3D models and 14 interesting elements, your babies can collect the information regarding digestive, skeletal, muscular, nervous systems & sense organs. The entire tutoring service provides DIY (Do-IT-Yourself) manuals, cardboard VR glasses, the Trivia booklet, games, series, and reports to grow the retention levels of the mind.

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11. Wonders of the World

An activity box from the Kube explains the famous 7+ wonders of the world in which comes the Great Wall of China, Petra, Taj Mahal, The Colosseum, Machu Picchu, etcetera. It is suitable for the school kids, home-based tuition, and even buying it for personal training for your teenagers.

It has images of iconic monuments. With the application, learners can become skillful itinerant and can obtain data about historical and geographical subjects.

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AR and VR technology is at the forefront of everything, so it should be included in education to foster the growth of kid’s knowledge.

Before selecting the learning toys for kids 2-6 year old, you should read the instructions carefully to make the investment worthwhile and meaningful.

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