Top 10 Best Real Estate Listing Websites in India

List of 10 Best Real Estate Listing Websites in India

If you are looking to buy a house, there are countless real estate listing websites online. However, given the full range of websites available on different web portals, it can get challenging for some to zero in on their preferred website.

People usually depend on the expertise of local real estate agents to rent or buy a property.

However, there are several incredible websites online where you can find great deals so that you do not have to go through the unnecessary ordeal of scouring the web for great real estate websites.

Check out the following websites to understand the Unique Selling Points (USPs) that can help you find the perfect real estate agent to find yourself an exceptional property!


99 acer

99 Acres is a premier website where you can sell or buy properties with ease. According to its claims, it is India’s #1 website that deals in real estate and it certainly lives up to its grand assertations.

The USP of this website is resale. It has a very genuine database and its features of selling, buying as well as renting is also exceptional.

Average Monthly Visitors: 10.93M



Makaan is another website that you can try. The USP of this web portal is that it has a good database of information and data as compared to some other websites. You can check out some useful information about cities such as Pune, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.

Average Monthly Visitors: 2.62M


magic bricks

MagicBricks is the second website on the list and has witnessed a meteoric rise in the country. The USP of MagicBricks is buying as well as renting properties.

Their database is also quite satisfying. This website also offers detailed research regarding each property for customers.

Average Monthly Visitors: 7.40M


common floor

CommonFloor is another website that rose in popularity in no time at all. Its USP is the buying and selling of properties in major cities that are top tier such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. However, if you reside in a 3rd tier city such as Lucknow or Bhopal, this web portal can give you a hard time.

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.85M



Housing is another web portal dealing in real estate that is in the league of CommonFloor, Housing, and IndiaProperty.

Their database is super accurate, and their listing is also quite genuine. In addition to that, the success rate of selling or buying any property from this website is equally good because they provide quality data.

Average Monthly Visitors: 8.44M


india property

You can also try IndiaProperty if you wish to research a specific property that you have shortlisted. The best thing about this web portal is the full range of details that it offers. You can easily dig up information on a particular city or property that you might be interested in.

Average Monthly Visitors: 415.42K



PropTiger is an excellent website you wish to check for properties in Bangalore and Mumbai. If you are an NRI, the property listings on this website are ideal for you. Therefore, if you might want to consider this website if you are an NRI looking for a property in these two cities

Average Monthly Visitors: 1.33M

8. Sulekha Properties

sulekha property

Sulekha Properties has an impressive database and offers a search of local properties in your city. It focuses on users from South Indian cities so you might want to check it out if you are on the lookout of finding properties in South India.

Average Monthly Visitors: 9.03M


property wala

You can also check out PropertyWala as it has a lot to offer if you are looking for impressive properties to buy or rent. This website is basically only for renting or buying purposes. If you live in Mumbai or Delhi, you can definitely give this web portal a shot!

Average Monthly Visitors: 555.14K

10. Grabhouse

grab house

GrabHouse, alternatively, falls in a different league as it helps find houses for rent in Mumbai for students. You can find PGs easily in Mumbai with roommates through this one-of-a-kind website.

However, it is only for PG and roommate services, and you should look elsewhere if you wish to sell or buy a property.

Average Monthly Visitors: NA

Final Words

So, when you buy, sell or rent a property the next time, you might want to consider one of these websites for an enhanced experience!

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