List of 10 Famous Islands of India For Trekking in 2021

List of 10 Famous Islands of India For Trekking in 2018

Trekking on the islands offers a different kind of experience. The breathtaking views of the blue waters, the unique collection of flora and fauna, the rocky walking trails, a variety of landscapes and much more, you can experience a lot of new things while trekking on islands.

Crazy to plan such a trip asap? Then go through the list of Indian islands where you will get a unique experience of trekking in 2021.

1. Elephant Beach Trek, Andamans

Elephant Beach Trek, Andamans

Though this beach is popular for water sports like snorkelling, speedboating, and sea walking, a trek from this island is equally revitalizing. It is a great place for the nature lovers, which offers a wide variety of terrain in terms of forests, hillocks, beaches and villages.

2. Bekal Beach Trek, Kerala

Bekal Beach Trek, Kerala

Bekal is an unexplored beach located on the shores of Lakshwadeep, about 400 kilometers from Bangalore. Here you will enjoy a multi-terrain experience as the trek features backwaters, a beach, a fishing village and more.

3. Trek to Neuti Beach, Goa

Trek to Neuti Beach Goa

This stunning ocean trek is a walk along the mountain from where you can enjoy an awe-inspiring view of the Arabian Sea waters. Here you can hike along the Cliffside and then you would come across many isolated beaches where you can stop and relax.

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4. Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna Beach Trek

The small town Gokarna is located at the convergence of the Arabian Sea and the Sahyadri Hills. Trekking along the coast of Gokarna Beach is one of the desirable travel experience. It is also a popular destination among the backpackers. Spending a night in tents here is a lifetime experience.

5. Chandipur to New Digha Trek

Chandipur to New Digha Trek

It is the only trek that covers two states- West Bengal and Odisha. It is known for the cultural variety it offers. Not only it offers you stunning scenic beauty but also lets you have experiences which treat all your senses.

6. Coorg


Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is the birthplace of Kaveri-Talakaveri. There is something in Coorg that lets the adventurous soul in you come out and try something crazy like trekking in the river. Such an experience there lets you break the rigours of the big city life.

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7. Sharavathi Backwaters Island Trek

Sharavathi Backwaters Island Trek

Sharavathi Valley, known as “The Valley of Water”, has a village at the distance of about 30 kilometres where you will find one of the most thrilling treks. The deciduous trees, coconut trees, arce nut and the singing of birds during sunrise and sunset will definitely make your trekking unforgettable.

8. Mount Harriet to Madhuban Trek

Mount Harriet to Madhuban Trek

Mount Harriet is covered with the appealing woodlands that house exotic plant species and wild creatures. Starting from here and covering approximately 16kms through the jungle will a thrilling yet mesmerizing experience. Enjoy the stunning view of birds, butterflies and more.

9. Trek to Saddle Peak

Trek to Saddle Peak

Enjoy trekking through rocky paths, rough trekking trails and dense forests. Saddle Peak, the highest point in Andaman Islands, would be a great delight to explore. You will enjoy the implausible view from the top encompassing huge trees, chirping birds and water bodies. The view of the vast blue sea and green forests on the other attract a large number of tourists.

10. Baratang Island

Baratang Island

Explore one of the highly thrilled islands of Andaman, the Baratang Island. Starting from the Port Blair and driving through the dense forests, you will reach Baratang jetty. Here you can enjoy the thrilling Mangrove ride and the beauty of the region.

So, here is the list. Just go through it, check the locations, do some more research for the ones you are interested in and have a thrilling trekking experience.

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