List of Fruits from A to Z (Alphabetical Order)

List of Fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber. A high intake of fruits and vegetables reduces the chances of developing many diseases like heart, diabetes, and etc.

Here is the list of fruits in alphabetical order that will help your kids remember the names and health benefits for everyone.

Alpha – bets

Fruit Name

Key Nutrition Benefits

Key health benefits

AApricotHigh in antioxidants and low in calories. Vitamin A, C, and EPromote skin and eye health. Good for the liver.
BBananaHigh in carbohydrates, Vitamin A, potassium, and fiberPromote heart and digestive health. Good for weight gain.
CCherryRich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatoryImprove hearth health and sleep quality
DDate FruitHigh in Fiber and Disease-Fighting AntioxidantsPromote brain and bone health. Help sugar control
EElderberriesHigh in vitamin C and, and dietary fiberBoost immune system and ease cold and flu symptoms
FFeijoaRich in Carbohydrates, Fiber, vitamin C, and B6Support digestive system and heart health
GGrapefruitHigh in Vitamin C, Fiber and Fat-freeImprove immune system and protect cells from bacteria and viruses
HHoneydew MelonHigh in vitamin C, 90% Water and also Fat-freeReduce blood pressure and good for bone health
IIndian GooseberryRich in Vitamin C, Protein and FiberImprove eye health and control diabetes
JJack fruitRich in Fiber, Vitamin A, C, And CopperReduce blood pressure, and Skin problems
KKiwi fruitRich in Vitamin C, E, Carbohydrates, and FiberGood for Healthy Heart, Reduce Kidney Stone and Skin
LLychee High in Copper, Vitamin C, and PotassiumBoost memory, Immune system, and energy
MMangoRich in Vitamin A, C, Fiber, and ProteinReduce Colon Cancer, better sleep, and Healthy immune system
NNectarineRich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Fiber and Low in FatBoost Immune System and skin health, aid weight loss
OOrangeVery high In Vitamin C, Fiber Potassium and  Sodium Free Boost immune system, Protect cells from Damage
PPapayaHigh in Antioxidants Vitamin A, C, and Vitamin EDecrease the risks of Heart Disease, Blood Clotting, and Blood Sugar
QQuinceRich in Protein, Vitamin C, B6 Fiber and IronReduce Acid Reflux Symptoms, Stomach Ulcers and support Immune system
RRaspberriesRich in Fiber, Vitamin C, B and PotassiumReduce Blood Pressure, Skin Damage, Heart Disease
SStrawberriesRich in Protein, Water, Carbs, and FiberReduce Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Blood Pressure
TTangerineHigh in Vitamin C, A Copper, and VitaminB6Reduce Skin Problems, Eye Problems and keep your Heart Healthy
UUgli fruitRich in  Calcium, Protein, Vitamin C, and FiberReduce Kidney Stone, Fight against Cancer and  Protect your Brain
VVanillaGood source of vanillin, and anti-inflammatory propertiesReduce your sugar intake and promote brain health
WWater MelonRich in Vitamin C,A,B1,B5 B6 and PotassiumImprove Healthy Heart, Digestion Good for Skin and Hair
XXigua (Watermelon)Good source  of Vitamin C, Calcium, Fiber and IronGood for Heart, boost immunity and reduce Cancer Problem
YYumberryRich in Vitamin A,C and EGood for Heart Health and protect from Skin Cancer
ZZucchiniRich in Protein, Fiber, Vitamin A, C, and KGood for Healthy Digestion, reduce Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

So, this was the list of fruits in Alphabetical order for kids to remember their names easily and for anyone to start a healthy diet.

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