List of Top 10 Track and Field Athletic Games

Javelin Throw

Track and field games are very common among athletes. Track and field athletic games enable athletes to use their throwing, running and jumping skills to win competitions.

These events can be performed either as an individual or as a team sport. Since there are not many skills required, this is why these games are easier for kids and adults of any age to perform.

Mentioned below is a list of some of the best track and field athletic games. These games are ideal for kids and adults alike.

1) 100m Race

100m is a track event that requires athletes to uphold a fast pace over the entire 100m distance. This event involves straight run on the track. The majority of the short sprinters who are into athletics, compete in 100m race.

2) 400m Race

400 m is a long sprint that requires a great combination of strength, speed, and tolerance. It is usually seen that sprinters who run in 400m experience a sensation of burning and fatigue in the muscles which is caused due to the formation of lactic acid in the body.

3) 800m Race

400 m race
Image source: FloTrack

800m race is also known as a tweener event. This event requires good speed and natural endurance for a strong finish. This track event is a great choice for sprinters who can run the 400m and 800m. There are two laps included around a standard outdoor track.

4) 3000m

Steeplechase- 3000m steeplechase is one of the interesting track & field events, in which athletes have to run while crossing the barriers placed on the track. Being recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations, it is commonly held in the Olympic Games and World Championships.

5) 4*100m Relay

In this event, four athletes run 100m or one-quarter of the track. The performance of the team is based on the speed of the runners as well as the precision of their baton passes.

If the athlete is unable to exchange the baton the zone, it would result in disqualification. It is to be noted that the exchange of the baton must take place within the marked zone on the track.

6) 20 Kilometer Race Walk

20 Km Racewalk is contested on a road course. A complex physical motion is required which involves the feet, hips, legs, back, and arms.

The basic rule of this race walking is athletes cannot have both feet in the air. In this case, athletes can get disqualified by the judges if they happen to leave the ground before the other foot has landed.

7) Long Jump

Long Jump
Image source: Loop Jamaica

A long jump is a field event in which it is decided who has jumped the farthest. The jumpers need to stand and take the jump. This could be done by standing at one end of the runway and take a lead into a pit of sand.

The distance between the end of the runway to the distance jumped is measured in order to find who has jumped the farthest. In case, the feet of the jumper goes beyond the board, the jump will be ruled a foul and will not be measured.

8) Triple Jump

The triple jump event requires exceptional abdominal strength. While taking a triple jump, the jumper needs to run to make three separate jumps before landing in the sandpit.

In order to complete the jump successfully, the jumper has to maintain a correct body position and alignment in the air as he jumps through three phases.

9) Discus Throw

Discus Throw
Image source: SportsAspire

The discus throw requires the athlete to throw the disc as far as possible while remaining inside a 2.5 m diameter circle. The discus must land inside the marked area and the athlete should not leave circle before the discus has finally landed.

10) Javelin Throw

Javelin Throw
Image source:

In Javelin throw, the athletes need to throw the javelin with one arm as far as possible. The weight of men’s javelin is at least 800g while the weight of women’s javelin weight is about 600g.

One thing that one needs to pay attention to while throwing a javelin is, one should not turn his or her back to the landing area or must not cross the foul line.

Those were some of the track and field athletic games that are commonly taken by the athletes either in the field or on the track. Keep visiting List Absolute for more similar lists.

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