Reasons Why Hiring a Malpractice Attorney is Necessary for Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

cancer misdiagnosis cases

New York, the empire state of the country, ranks fourth in the list of top ten states with the highest cancer rates as the state witnesses 480 cases per 100,000 people. In a year, more than 110,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the state.

In Rochester, New York, cancer is the second leading cause of death besides heart diseases.

However, the number of people initially diagnosed with cancer is higher, as about ten to twenty percent of cancer diagnoses are faulty. On rare occasions, doctors might misdiagnose any other ailment for cancer. A cancer misdiagnosis can cause tremendous emotional stress to the patient and their family.

One can seek reparations from the health care department or the doctors in case of any misdiagnosis in NY. You can hire cancer misdiagnosis lawyers in Rochester, NY, to present your case.

Medical Malpractice umbrellas the misdiagnosis cases in NY as per the state law, which means that people who wish to seek any kind of compensation must file their suit within two and a half years.

An experienced malpractice attorney can assist you in seeking the rightful and desired compensation from the liable parties.

Here are reasons why hiring a lawyer for your cancer misdiagnosis case is necessary.

1. Lawyers help to deal with the Insurance agencies

As a layman, it becomes challenging to navigate through the intricacies of insurance claims when it comes to medical malpractices. As a regular person, one is not aware of what to disclose or not to the agency.

Often people only make the case complex for them by revealing information that works against their case. So, a lawyer will guide you and handle most of the communication with the insurance agency.

2. They handle all the paperwork

There are mounds of paperwork and documents involved when you are building a medical malpractice case to claim compensation. The legal jargon, terms, contracts involved in documenting the paperwork can be confusing.

Attorneys and their team know what to document and how. They have experienced people in their team to track all the paperwork and report it accordingly to present to the court.

As per the Statute of Limitation in NY, one can claim compensation within two and a half years after the reasonable discovery of the misdiagnosis or medical malpractice. Experienced cancer misdiagnosis lawyers in Rochester, NY, will help establish reasonable discovery in the court by following the paper trail of medical reports and other documents.

3. Master in negotiating compensation

An experienced attorney knows the value of the claim for every particular case. They understand what the case means to you and will help you to get the rightful compensation. The defendant will also come prepared to overturn the claims or to settle for the lowest amount.

Medical malpractice attorneys with years of experience under their belt can go toe-to-toe in the court to legally challenge the defendants with arguments and negotiate the best claim for your particular case.

Hiring a lawyer to file for a malpractice suit is the best way to safeguard your case in court. The experience they bring to the table will help to ease the process. They will fight for your rights and represent you fairly to get the reparations you deserve.

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