15+ Free, Must Have Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers in 2021

Mobile Apps for Digital Marketers

Being a digital marketer I can feel that how useful is mobile apart from just chatting, streaming and browsing. We do most of the work on the desktop.

But my question is, do we have enough time and energy to staring at desktop all the time? Personally, after doing a 9-5 job, I would like to spend a few hours on mobile.

So how should we spend our time on mobile that can add value to our personal and professional experience? It all depends on what mobile Apps we have installed on mobile and how we are giving priority for each of them.

Today I am going to share a list of top 20 mobile apps that I am using for a while. So without wasting much time let’s dive in detail.

1. Reddit

You must hear of this website. Reddit is the number 1 community app for discussion on any topic. Marketers are using Reddit for promoting their products, service, brands, blog and everything else possible. Why they shouldn’t because it grabs around 1.5B users every month.

Reddit isn’t only a promotion material for digital marketers. It can be your #1 learning source. There are many communities related to digital marketing you can join.

reddit app



So, download the app today and enjoy participating in these communities. You can also join any other community of your interest (News, memes, sports, etc)

2. Quora

What you do when you have something to ask? Usually, we all Google it or have conversations with friends or family.

But they can’t answer all of our questions. So we have Quora for this. Quora is a popular Q&A app that has expert authors for each topic. You will lot of answers (sometimes 100+) for a single question.

So how can we use this for digital marketing? You can use this app for any doubt related to digital marketing, Personalize your feed by following the topic of your interest. Ask questions or answer questions in your expertise and become a top author.

Quora digital marketing

Some of the useful Quora groups you must be following on your mobile app:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Digital Marketing
Social Media
Affiliate Marketing
Pay Per Click
Content Marketing

You can also use this app to promote your blog posts, products, services, and brands by answering to the related question.

3. Facebook

Online Marketing Institute
Image source: Online Marketing Institute

We all have this app installed on our mobile. So I would just say how you can use this app to make your personal and professional experience better.

Your Facebook newsfeed shows posts based on your interest. All posts show from your friends, pages you have liked, the groups you have joined and the person you are following.

Apart from entertainment, you can use the Facebook App for marketing and branding purposes. Join groups related to digital marketing, follow top digital marketer, and like pages in your interest.

Some groups, influencers, and pages you must follow on your Facebook mobile app

Search Engine Land
Marketing Land
Learn Digital Marketing
Rand Fishkin
Neil Patel

There are lots of groups on Facebook for every industry. Join them, follow their rules and promote your blog posts and something that their audience found useful and love to share and comment on.

4. Twitter

Number one micro-blogging website. Twitter is now not only for celebrities anymore. It’s now also used as one of the top marketing platforms. Businesses and peoples are using it to ger their products and services in front of people.

There are lots of useful twitter handle you can follow to keep yourself updated about the digital marketing industry.

Below are a few twitter handles that you can follow to have some great insights into the digital marketing industry.


Just download the app now and start seeing the tweets from these industry professionals,

5. Evernote

I know it’s hard to remember all the things when you have a hectic schedule. We are digital marketers and we have a lot of things to write down. So I use Evernote to make notes, remember things, create a to-do list and save important URLs.


You can use this app offline anywhere and anytime without internet access. The plus point is that this app offers you more than 10 GB of data storage every month. If your notes are bigger, you can try their premium feature as well.

Download this smartphone app and starting creating your to-do list.

6. Google Analytics

The biggest benefit of this mobile app for me is now I am analyzing my traffic data on a daily basis. You can have easy access to your website’s performance anytime and anywhere.

google analytic
Image source: Google Analytics Blog

You can have easy access to all important metrics that you analyze from its desktop version. If you don’t want to spend more time on desktop, just download this app from the play store and start analyzing your website from mobile or tablet.

7. Google Doc

If you are managing any of your websites from mobile, you must have a Google document app installed on your mobile.

Google docs app

This app will allow you to edit, create and store your file on a mobile device or online drive as well. There is a zoom option that helps you for easy visualization of content.

In starting you will find it difficult to use this app but after spending some time you will find this app useful and help you stay away from your desk for a little more time.

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8. Google Sheet

Google sheet
Image source: Pinterest

This app will help you open, edit or check your email attachments (Excel files). You store your files in mobile and create your own as well. Hence the app isn’t easy for us on mobile so it’s only preferable to check and analyze your reports and data on mobile devices.

9. Facebook Ads Manager

I have previously used this app for one of my own accounts. It was a good experience. Before you start using this app you need to register your mobile app with Facebook for developer.

facebook ads

If you need assistance with using the mobile app for Facebook ad manager, here is your guide. Facebook keeps changing the in-app interface regularly. I advise you to keep checking on new blogs or the latest video tutorials for any help and assistance.

10 Linkedin

Linkedin is the biggest platform for professionals around the world. It’s mainly used by businesses and professionals for jobs and recruitment. Whether you are looking for any job or any professional advice, Linkedin is the best app for you.


Nowadays business and people are using Linkedin to promote their brand and products also. You can follow people and pages in your industry to get an update about jobs, careers, and motivational posts and connect with industry professionals.

If you still haven’t this app in your mobile, what are you waiting for? Just hit the play store and download this app right now.

11. YouTube

I can guess everyone has YouTube installed on their mobile device and most of us using it frequently for streaming videos songs, movies or other entertaining stuff.

But how many of us are using YouTube for our career proactive? YouTube isn’t only for streaming videos but it can be your number 1 learning and earning source.

Being a digital marketer I have subscribed for a lot of marketing channels from where I am learning a lot of stuff. Below are a few of them that you should also consider.

Search Engine Journal
Brian Dean
Jesse Hanley
Google Webmaster Help

These all channels, I am following on my Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. If you have a good hand in making videos and have some skills to share with the digital marketing world, you can also earn some money by investing a little time.

12. Skype

Skype is the most used communication tool for businesses and professionals. This app is available on mobile devices as well. You can use this for chat, audio call and video call with your clients.

skype 1

There are a lot of other methods for communication like email and other messaging apps but Skype can strengthen your relationship with your client with an actual conversation on audio or video chat.

13. Hangout

Hangout is a free communication tool offered by Google/Gmail. Just like Skype, it allows you to video chat as well. You can have chat with your Gmail contacts by downloading hangout on your mobile device.


It can be broadcast live where everyone can watch and hear from you. Similar to Skype you can share your screen with the client as well.

14. WhatsApp

We all are using WhatsApp for easy communication with our friends and family. WhatsApp can be used for marketing purposes as well.

If you have any business, you can create a WhatsApp business account to interact with your customers, share your product, service, and news as well.

The WhatsApp mobile app can be used for easy and free communication with your client. You can also create/join groups of digital marketing professionals to share and gain knowledge from.

15. Instagram

Instagram isn’t only for personal use anymore; it is the number one recommended app for brand marketing. You can follow relevant accounts in the digital marketing industry.

The Instagram app can use research and teaching tool. Businesses and big brands are already sharing short video clips and some visual graphics with a full pack of knowledge.

You can also follow a particular Hashtag to see posts from. You can create your personal or business account on Instagram to share knowledge, improve your online presence and gain some useful industry insights.

16. Buffer

If you are a blogger, you need this mobile app badly. Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to post and schedule posts on social media accounts.



Buffer has a free plan where you can connect your 3 social media account like the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. The free plan allows you to schedule up to 30 posts at a time.

Buffer mobile app can save your lot of time by auto posting your content on your selected social media profiles. A paid subscription to this app will allow you to connect more accounts and unlimited scheduling every month.

17. Adobe Reader

Now you are managing most of your emails and reports form mobile so you must need Adobe reader to be installed on your mobile.

adobe reader

To open PDF files you must have an adobe reader mobile app. Without any PDF opener, you will not be able to open any PDF file on mobile. Just download the adobe reader to read them easily on your mobile.

18. MailChimp

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool used by individuals and many of the big brands. Mailchimp is a mobile-friendly now; it means you can manage everything from your mobile.


All you need to do is download the mobile app from the play store and start managing your campaigns. You can create, edit and analyze any campaign on the go. You can track your account activities and import new contact lists from the mobile devices as well.

The above all mobile apps I am using for a long time. There might be some other useful mobile apps for digital marketers that I am missing. If you know any useful app please let me know by commenting below.

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