A Guide to Moving House With Your Pets

Moving with pets

It is no surprise that animals can find moving home or location very stressful. You should be aware that they may not understand what is going on, especially if this is the first time for them.

Seeing everything getting packed up and then strangers coming into the home and removing items can cause anxiety which could lead to behavioral issues and out-of-character activity.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re moving with dogs and cats. Still, with larger animals like horses, there can be issues.

Especially if your horse has made good friends with other horses, which will be left behind when you move to a new area where they could very well find themselves with different horses or, even worse, on their own.

Relocating your horse

One of the first things you need to make sure of is that the new stable or yard is all ready for your horse before you need to move it. Leaving it to the last minute is a foolhardy task.

Your horse will require time to settle into its new home regardless of whether it is going to be on its own or with others.

When thinking of horse transportation, it is highly recommended that you use a fully insured business that has a lot of experience in horse transportation, rather than moving your horse yourself if you are nervous about it in any way or have never done it before.

The safety of your horse should be paramount, especially over any costs that you may incur by using the services of a professional business.

There are businesses available that will act as brokers and will therefore be able to provide you with quotes from different companies that will help you move your horse so that you can choose the best one for your requirements.

If you are moving your horse to a location where there will be other horses, your horse will have to be quarantined for up to three weeks before integrating with the others to get used to its surroundings.

It is a good idea to make sure you are well-versed in socializing your horse with new acquaintances.

Thinking about dogs and cats

It is important that you understand the stress and anxiety that your pet is going through when moving house. They may very well seem clingy, snappy, or depressed.

It is a good idea that you give your pet extra attention at this time and leave packing their items until you are ready to go, asking a family member if they would take your dog for a walk so to relieve the stress and give your dog something else to focus on.

It is highly likely that your household will feel very stressed, and emotions could be running high, especially if you have children who are likely to be very excited. Animals pick up on these emotions and translate them in their own way.

If possible, it could be very beneficial for you and your household if your children are looked after elsewhere for the moving day and, where possible, see if your pet can spend the day with them too.

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