10 Common Myths About Men’s Fashion and Beauty

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Men’s fashion has been neglected for a long time and often misunderstood. Women’s fashion took center stage for decades on end, but now the tides are changing, since more men are paying attention to their style and looks than before.

There is no doubt that fashion does have some unwritten rules, but some of the common ones about men styling are untrue. It’s time to unveil these misconceptions so that men can dress freely and experience fashion without restrictions.

1. Shaving increases the growth of facial hair

The hair only seems to have grown faster, but the difference is minimal. Shaving will give you healthier facial hair that appears thicker because it isn’t damaged. Generally, the volume and rate of hair growth is a predetermined factor. Genetics plays a central role. There is no way you can start with thin hair and then end up looking like a Viking a few years later.

2. Men’s clothing is costlier than women’s clothing

While there is a small extent of truth to this, the misconception can still be challenged. Usually, men tend to find excellent quality wear without much hustle. When shopping for fashionable pieces, it’s best to prioritize quality rather than quantity.

Stocking a few classic pieces in your wardrobe is better than having a closet that’s filled with clothes you can’t wear. The same applies to watches. You can find watches for sale from both online and brick stores. Whenever you choose to buy, ensure that they are of excellent quality.

3. Using several skincare products gives you spots

Some people will develop spots immediately after they start using products, but usually, it’s because the skin is adjusting. Using moisturizers minimize the possibility of spots because when you exfoliate, you rid your skin of natural oils. So, using a moisturizer will restore what you have washed off. If your skin is oily, go for a lighter product.

4. Denim over denim

The “double denim” style was a significant trend, and celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Britney braced it. Although the denim over denim style isn’t entirely a bad idea, how you do it is what determines whether the look will be the right style statement or not.

The look works best when hue and wash are mixed between the two pieces. Therefore, a washed-out denim Jacket should be worn with dark blue jeans. Keeping the darker shade on the bottom rather than the top is the best way of rocking this outfit idea.

5. You need a great body to look stylish

The idea that only super-ripped guys can dress fashionably is a sham. Having a six-pack is excellent because you get to flaunt your chest at the beach. However, guys without seemingly amazing bodies can still look good because we spend most of our lives clothed. That doesn’t imply that you should neglect fitness, but don’t be discouraged from dressing your best.

6. There’s no need to wash your beard as much as other hair

The misconception is not only misleading but a propagator for poor hygiene practices. Beards are natural hairs and thus require proper cleaning like the hair on your head. Don’t be that guy with lots of hair in their beards, and yet they don’t shampoo it.

7. Match belt and shoes – always

Many guys have taken this as the gospel truth. That is why they are always trying to find belts of the same color as their shoes. Although matching your shoes with the belt is not entirely a bad idea, you don’t have to base it on the color. Consider finding varying shades for an edgy look.

8.  Flowery patterns are a terrible idea

Flowers have been linked to femininity for a long time. That is why men avoid wearing floral patterns. Thankfully, there has been a shift in fashion sense over the past century, and this is one of the ones that will be rubbished soon. If you want to wear a floral tie, shirt or trousers, go for it!

9.  Pink is feminine

Just like floral patterns, pink clothes have been considered for female’s fashion. Therefore, men seen wearing pink clothes are considered unfashionable. Pink is a lovely color that works well for both genders. The trick is to find a shade that matches the other pieces in your outfit.

10. Formal wear means that there must be a tie

It is a common myth that has caused unspeakable harm in men’s fashion. Whoever started the rumor that ties must accompany every formal outfit was misguided. Luckily, people are more aware of the many ways of dressing formally, and this rule is slowly phasing out.

Gone are the times when proper grooming was only for ladies. Men are now in the game, and they mustn’t get limited by these myths. Thus, if you want to dress well,  you need to be well informed about men’s fashion.

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