Do I Need a Yachting License to Drive a Yacht

yachting license

When circumnavigating the globe, you’ll pass through a variety of nations, some of which have specific standards for skipper competency and safety. You would like to be ready and avoid breaking any local laws. You may still opt for renting a private one here if you don’t feel like driving a yacht.

Do you, however, require a license to sail all around world?

A license is not required to sail all around globe. Certain licenses and certificates, on the other hand, might aid you in localities, and getting them isn’t a terrible idea. Many nations require local yacht owners and charterers to have permits, although they do not usually apply to visiting sailors according to their own yachts.

Some licenses may still be useful, and you’ll need to pay attention to administrative details to ensure that your documentation is correct and legal for the trip. We’ll go through all of that and more with you.

Who Needs a Sailing License?

Many nations require resident yacht owners to get a license or certification. There is a lot of variety across nations, and in certain countries, such as the United States or Australia, there will be a lot of variation between states. Licensing is often required for poweryachts and personal yacht; however it is not always required for slower sailyachts. Short-term tourists who bring their personal yachts into the nation are seldom requested to present documentation. View here for license tips.

The most compelling reason to get a license is if you want to hire a vessel. Before handing up a yacht worth hundreds of dollars, most charter firms need evidence of competency. However, most individuals who sail around the globe do it on their own yachts rather than on a charter. Another reason to seek a license is that so many recognized licenses fulfill all a country’s local licensing criteria.

Different types of licenses available

Many nations grant globally recognized sailing and yachting permits. The International Certificate of Competency (ICC) as well as the International Sailing License and Credentials are the most widely acknowledged (SLC).

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recognizes the ICC, which is used across most of Europe in particular, and should qualifies you for just any charter. You’ll need an ICC if your voyage across the globe involves a lot of time in coastal or interior European waterways, or in the Mediterranean.

Because the United States and Canada did not sign the adoption resolution and do not accept the ICC, you will have to visit a Royal Yachting Association branch in North America to get an ICC before departing.

Most charter firms recognize the SLC, and it may assist with local authorities, but it is not acknowledged by most EU nations, which need an ICC. Some countries, such as the United States, also grant licenses and certificates. The different RYA qualifications or the Coast Guard Master. Most of these licenses allow you to test for an ICC or SLC without having to take any classes.

How to Obtain a License

Classroom sailing and passing a practical skills exam in person are required for the ICC and SLC. Experienced sailors having additional course preparation or certificates may skip the training and merely take the exam.

In addition to obtaining the examinations (here’s a license certification test guide) programs such as the RYA Yacht master or the USCG Captain’s license will need you to prove your sea time and experience.

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