The Best Netflix Horror Movies List 2021

Netflix horror movie list

With the pandemic still around, the time we spend at home has greatly increased compared to before. The current situation results in spending more time on TV series and movies. Some people are passionate about horror movies. Netflix features some popular scary, award-winning horror movies.

While there are lots of horror movies on the Platform which have attracted audiences if you are looking for more detailed suggestions for your new YouTube video about horror movies we have made a list of the best horror and thriller movies specifically for you.

1. The Bad Batch

Producer: Megan Ellison, Eddy Moretti, Sina Sayyah, Sheri Davani, Shane Smith
Director: Ana Lily Amirpour
Production: 2016 – USA
Plot: The Bad Bitch, which messed with lots of viewers this year, is a movie about Texas dystopia that is dominated by cannibals. This horror and thriller movie contains an interesting love story. The director of the film is Ana Lily Amirpour, whom we remember from the movie “A Girl Alone in the Street at Midnight”. The cast includes notable names such as Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, and Jason Momoa.

2. The eyes of My Mother

Screenplay: Nicolas Pesce
Director: Nicolas Pesce
Production: 2016 – USA
Plot: The word thriller would be more appropriate for this movie. The young and lonely woman living a quiet safe realizes that nothing will be the same again after the tragic incident she has experienced, and tension begins.

3. The Babadook

Screenplay: Jennifer Kent
Director: Jennifer Kent
Production: 2014 – Australia
Plot: When do monsters stop hiding? Amelia, who lost her husband six years ago, is unable to discipline her six-year-old son, Samuel, whose life is running short. Samuel sees in his dreams a monster who always comes to kill them both. One day at home, they read a spooky fairy tale book called Babadook. After that, Samuel begins to believe that the monster he saw in his dream was Babadook. But what if Babadook really existed ..

4. The Invitation

Screenplay: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
Director: Karyn Kusama
Production: 2015 – USA
Plot: This movie, which is in the psychological thriller genre, begins with the meeting of the paths of the couple Will and Eden, who were separated due to the death of their children. The movie, in which the oddities begin with their invitation, will affect you very much in the final scene.

5. Jaws

Screenplay: Carl Gottlieb, Peter Benchley
Director: Steven Spielberg
Production: 1975 – USA
Plot: If you are interested in movies about sharks, you will love this movie. A giant shark, threatening people living on a small island, will give those on the island some very fearful memories.

6. The Number 23

Screenplay: Fernley Phillips
Director: Joel Schumacher
Production: 2007 – USA
Plot: Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey), who turns the number 23 into a dark obsession, turns his once ideal life into a hell of psychological torture. With the influence of the mysterious novel Number 23, which he could never let go, Walter opens the door to the secrets of his past to continue his future with his wife Agatha (Virginia Madsen) and his adolescent son Robin (Logan Lerman).

The book was given to Walter as a birthday gift, and the gruesome and mysterious murder it is about is described in a dark and strange way as if it reflected Walter’s life. If he can solve the puzzle behind the number 23, he will be able to change his future.

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