A Guide to Choosing a Party Speaker for Hardcore Music Lovers

Choosing Party Speakers

Typically, one would need a new party speaker when they have outgrown their existing one. But if you are looking for a replacement before your current party speaker dies on you, then speakers like the JBL Boombox will be an excellent choice for many reasons.

These include its impressive power output, balanced sound quality, and wireless streaming capabilities.

Power Output

The more powerful a speaker is, the louder it can get. For example, the JBL Boombox has 2 x 10W acoustic drivers and dual 51/4-inch woofers, which deliver up to 100 dB of sound.

This power output is enough for your music to be heard even on a crowded beach or when you are far away from home base at a campsite and therefore makes it one of our top choices for anyone who wants to take their party anywhere they go.

Bluetooth Streaming Capability

Many modern-day speakers come with some Bluetooth streaming capability. Hence, the music on your phone can be wirelessly transmitted to your speaker.

This arrangement is more convenient than using cables for this operation since you no longer need to carry around multiple devices with you when you go out partying. It also gives users an added level of freedom that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Speakerphone Capability

This feature allows you to answer and make calls hands-free, and it also lets people hear audio from their phone’s speakers without having to touch the phone itself—a great feature if someone wants to lay back and take a video of what is going on.

Water Resistance Rating

The ability for a speaker to withstand rain or water spray is essential when you are throwing parties near water, such as at the beach or poolside since these elements can damage them easily.

This kind of water resistance protection comes in handy when your party gets out of control and spills over into the water, and you still want everyone to keep on partying with your music.

Speakers like the JBL Boombox are wholly sealed. So, they are rated IPX7 for waterproofing which means you are not supposed to submerge it in water deeper than 1m or leave it outside while being exposed to rain.

This feature somewhat limits its use outdoors when there are no pools available with all the fun inside. However, the speaker user can still take advantage of this speaker’s high power output under these conditions.

Ruggedness and Durability

Most people think of party speakers as something that will be dragged out only once or twice a year (e.g., an annual beach bonfire).

They might find them less helpful if they were very delicate but at the same time expensive. Assess the quality and durability of the speaker before investing in it.

Wrapping Up

Portable speakers are designed to be taken just about everywhere since it has been built to provide optimal audio performance wherever it is set up.

Portability features make them great even for outdoor parties. You can hook it up on top of their truck or pop open on top of some sand somewhere in the wild and plug it into the cigarette lighter of their vehicle.

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