9 Amazing Places Not To Miss On A Costa Rica Vacation


Taking a vacation is such a wonderful idea. It gives you an opportunity to wind down from the hustle and bustle of daily living. It also offers an opportunity to bond with loved ones. Costa Rica is a wonderful vacation destination for its endless adventures.

This country is endowed with a host of attractions scattered in various locations. Read on to discover some of the most amazing locations not to miss on a vacation in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica has lush magical cloud forests with low hanging mist in the backdrop of clouds sitting on tree canopies.

Monteverdi is the ideal location to enjoy this experience. This location offers a lot to explore including walking on the Sky Walk. It requires crossing 6 hanging suspension bridges. You can as well take the sky tram gondolas.

An experience at Monteverde offers endless opportunities to catch amazing sights of plant species, birds, and wildlife along the way.

Tortuguero National Park

This is any wildlife lover’s ideal destination on a Costa Rica vacation. Tortuguero National Park is where the Caribbean Sea merges with the lush rainforest.

You can take a canal tour for an opportunity to spot various colorful creatures such as capuchin monkeys, lizards, and caimans. There is also a chance to kayak while spotting monkeys high up in the trees.

Alternatively  look forward to taking a night walk on the beach to spot turtles laying eggs.

Jaguar Rescue Centre

Likely to be the highlight of your vacation, don’t miss a visit to this place where unwanted, sick, and underdeveloped animals seek refuge. Jaguar Rescue Centre was set up by European biomedical scientists who more to Costa Rica.

Once they set up camp, locals started bringing to them wild animals that needed help. This was the inspiration to set up the center.

After booking one of Costa Rica luxury vacation rentals , spare some time to visit this location.

Barra Honda National Park

For the adventurous type, look forward to a visit to these impressive limestone caves. These are buried 250m down in the western part of the country. The caves have vertical entrances and only about 50 percent are explored so far.

A visit to Barra Honda National Park requires carrying some climbing gear and a tour guide as you head down to explore the caves. You are bound to come across various caverns with stalactites and stalagmites.

Pacuare River

The river runs alongside Talamanca Mountains. No wonder, the Pacuare River ranks among the most epic world destinations for white water rafting. The presence of rapids means that only relatively experienced rafters can enjoy the location’s highlights.

Apart from rafting, look forward to amazing views of birds and wildlife along the way.

Puerto Viejo

If you think reggae and Rastas are only in Jamaica, think again. A vacation in Costa Rica will demystify this.

Taking a trip to Puerto Viejo will make you believe you have landed in the Caribbean. Look forward to a chilled vibe throughout the day. However, the night gets wild with endless party spots and other popular places.

When looking forward to partying in Costa Rica , this is the ideal location.

Cahuita Park

This is another attraction to look forward to in Puerto Viejo. Cahuita Park rain forest sits on a beach and is filled with endless wildlife. This includes:

  • Iguanas
  • Snakes
  • Toucans
  • Sloths
  • Giant crickets
  • Leafcutter ants
  • Jesus Christ lizards

You will enjoy special moments spotting animals going about their regular life in their natural habitat.

La Fortuna Waterfall

You can’t miss a trek to La Fortuna Waterfall during a Costa Rica vacation. Located in a lush area amidst the jungle is this beautiful sight.

You will hear the sounds of plummeting water as you descend. La Fortuna Waterfall is 200 feet high. However, the water from this fall is cool and missing to take a quick dip is inexcusable.

Playa Tamarindo

Last on the list of amazing locations not to miss during a vacation in Costa Rica is Playa Tamarindo. This is an amazing surfing destination in the country.

For water lovers looking forward to bursting their adrenaline, the waves here will suit you just fine. Luckily, surf schools are scattered all over the town for newbies. This surfing mecca is a super cool location to spend an afternoon or evening.

The take-home

Costa Rica is a wonderful travel destination offering many attractions for everyone. After booking a luxury rental, look forward to indulging in various activities.

However, you just can’t miss various locations during a vacation in Costa Rica. Wildlife lovers will have a blast in Tortuguero National Park, Monteverde, and the Jaguar Rescue Centre.

Nature lovers look forward to an amazing experience in Barra Honda National Park and La Fortuna Waterfall. Water sports lovers can’t miss surfing at Playa Tamarindo or taking a dip at La Fortuna Waterfall.

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