What is a Pork Pie Hat?

pork pie hat

When you watch old movies like the classic Casablanca, you’ll probably see men and women wearing different kinds of hats. One of the most popular ones is the fedora.

Nowadays, you probably still see people wearing other types of hats, such as straw hats, bucket hats, and baseball caps among others. But have you ever heard of the pork pie hat? 

If you know Walter White, you probably have a vague idea of what a pork pie hat looks like. But the truth is before he made it popular, both American and English women were its original wearers. These dainty round hats with curled brims and tiny flat crowns were first worn in the early 1800s. If you’re looking to cop one, here’s a small guide on pork pie hats and where you can shop for one.

Where Did “Pork Pie” Come From? 

The name of this hat is truly eccentric. Did you know that it is also named after another food item? Yes! The pork pie hat is also dubbed the English pastry hat. 

But the pork pie tag really stuck because its crown looks like a classic English meat pie since it has a little lip along the upper side of the crown. The name was so memorable that a song was even made after it, entitled “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat.”

Who Should Wear Pork Pie Hats? 

Pork pie hats have a short crown that tends to make people look taller. This is why it was often used in history by people with long, short, and oblong face shapes. Since it’s also a narrow-fitting hat style, it’s best to avoid it if you have a wide face shape. In short, if you’re aiming to add more height or slimness to your features, then a pork pie hat is for you. 

How to Wear Pork Pie Hats? 

Pork pie hats are honestly versatile pieces! You can wear them with most clothes, but here are some recommendations: 

  • Pair your pork pie hat with loose clothing like any loose-fitting printed shirts (ex.: Hawaiian shirts). 
  • Level up your black suit game by accessorizing with a wool or felt pork pie hat! Plus points if your hat contrasts your inner shirt. 

How to Measure My Hat Size? 

While it’s easy to fit hats to decide which fit’s for you, it’s also convenient to know your hat size. Plus, you’ll only have to measure it once, so it’s no hassle! 

To know your hat size, all you have to do is use a tape measure to check your head circumference. First, place the tape measure above your ears. Then, wrap it around your head. Try to get someone to tell you the measurement in centimeters. You could also use a mirror to help you. 

Here’s a quick size chart to help you out:

  • XS: 54 cm 
  • S: 55-56 cm 
  • M: 57 cm
  • L: 58-9 cm
  • XL: 60-61 cm
  • XXL: 62-63 cm 

Where to Buy Pork Pie Hats Online? 

If you’ve finally decided on getting yourself a pork pie hat, you could get the best deals online. To save you from hours of searching for pork pie hats, you can shop for pork pie hats at their best quality and price range here. Don’t forget to wear them with confidence and pair them with the right outfit! 

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