10 Reasons to Use Pre Employment Test to Hire Candidates

Pre Employment Test

How do enterprises hire candidates for different jobs? The answer is simple. By conducting a series of recruitment tests and interviews, in which eligible candidates are identified and shortlisted for further levels. It depends on the enterprise as to how many levels/ stages they should have n the recruiting process.

The methods also vary based on whether the enterprise emphasizes on tests or personal interviews. Some enterprises give equal importance to both while some tend to focus on either of them.

But with the changing scenarios, enterprises are now relying on pre employment assessments to conduct the tests virtually rather than on-premises. From saving time, money, and effort to streamlining the recruitment process and helping the HR team get enough time to work on the core aspects of their job, there are numerous advantages of using pre employment tests.

Many of the top brands have already shifted to using pre employment tools as an inherent part of their recruitment process. Not just the multinational ones, but even small scale enterprises can use these assessment tools for effective hiring.

In this blog, we will take a look at ten reasons why an enterprise has to use a pre employment test.

1. Suitable for Any Volume

Whether the enterprise wants to conduct the test for a single candidate or thousands of them, they can use pre employment tests for the same. Enterprises can either pay per test or get a bulk unlimited test package from the service providers.

2. No Place for Bias/ Favoritism

Analyzing the test forms is computerized. The test forms are evaluated based on the pre-defined parameters and the shortlist of candidates who cleared the test is generated. There is little place for human interference in this process. The HR team cannot select/ reject a candidate based on personal opinion.

3. Bridge the Talent Gap

At some or the other point, every enterprise will face a talent deficit due to various reasons. Hiring the right candidates at this stage is crucial to maintain the growth of the business and ensure its success. Pre employment assessments make it possible to identify the talent gap. The tests can be customized to select only those candidates who will fill the gap.

4. Identify Training Needs

Even the best candidates require training for a specific job. Pre employment tests can point out the exact areas in which a candidate needs the training to perform better at the job. The training process can be customized as per the candidates’ needs.

5. Create a Benchmark for Talent

Setting a benchmark for talent is vital for every enterprise. It helps in filtering candidates and identifying the best ones. Over time, enterprises can improve the quality of hire by setting higher standards for the candidates to qualify the tests.

6. Improve Candidate’s Test Experience

We have been thinking from the view of the enterprise until now. But what about candidates? It has been found that candidates face a lot of pressure during the recruiting process. By allowing them to attempt pre employment assessments from their locations at a time they are comfortable with, it will help them feel less stressed and also improve their performance.

7. Tackle Cultural Fit

Each enterprise has a different work environment and culture. Candidates coming from various backgrounds can find it hard to adjust to the environment and work with other employees. Pre employment assessments can help enterprises understand if a candidate is capable of adjusting or not.

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8. Candidate’s Claims Vs Truth

It’s not surprising that some candidates stretch the truth in their resumes. Some have even lied outright. While background checks are one way of identifying what’s true and what’s not, it is also time-consuming. Pre employment tests will show if a candidate is as capable and skilled as they mentioned in the resume.

9. Compare Similar Candidates

This is the toughest decision to make. When two or more candidates have the same educational qualifications, work experience, and talent, how does an enterprise choose the best one among the two? Pre employment tools can be used to identify the subtle differences in their approach to choose the one whose ideas/ methods align with the enterprise’s concepts.

10. Avoid Legal Complications

A pre employment test is a great way to avoid legal complications that arise from not hiring or hiring a candidate. Every stage of the test is documented and recorded. A copy of the test results is mailed to each candidate. In case any candidate was to file a complaint, the enterprise will have the required proof to substantiate their decision.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are various other benefits an enterprise can gain by using pre employment assessment tests. These are fast, secure, and effective in shortlisting eligible candidates for the job. Enterprises can contact the pre employment assessment tools provider for more information.

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