The Pros and Cons of Student Rankings

student rankings

Most schools conduct tests as they are essential for assessing the students’ performance. It also allows students to understand their shortcomings and work on them in the future.

Standardised testing and rankings, in which students are provided with the same set of questions and scoring is done consistently, carries plenty of benefits.

A ranking system also has its importance, as it allows students to analyse their academic progress compared to others and works as a motivating factor in the long run. What are the pros of student rankings that you should know? Here are some.

Pros of Student Rankings

Works as a Motivator

For many students, rankings work as a motivator to perform better. They look forward to outperforming others and themselves during the exams or assessments during the academic year.

The competition increases their self-esteem and boosts their confidence. Without a class rank system in place, many students would not feel the necessity of working hard or fulfilling their true academic potential.

Helps Identify Their Shortcomings

When a student scores lower in a subject or several subjects, the result is a decline in their overall grade. The ranking system will enable them and the teachers to identify which areas need improvement and what kind of approach will work in the future. Some subjects might need more focus than others, which can easily be seen by how much a student has scored.

Helps in Future Educational Purposes

Most colleges will require the students to mention their primary and high school grades or percentages on their resumes. It is a mandatory requirement of the admission process and enables colleges to identify the top applicants. That is why it’s vital to secure a high rank to secure admission to a college and then university.

Enables Teachers to Provide Extra Support

Without the rankings, the teacher or teachers might be unable to provide the extra support required for a student’s academic development.

They could do this by giving them individual attention in and outside the classroom or by offering them a wide variety of supplementary online study material such as plant cell diagram, and eye diagram class 8. They could also assist high rankers by ensuring they realize their true potential.

Helps Receive a Scholarship

Yet another importance of the ranking system is the scholarship benefit it brings. Students who enjoy a high ranking or have an impressive GPA have higher chances of receiving a scholarship to pursue higher education.

That, in turn, would encourage the others to put in the extra time and effort with the hope of attracting a sponsorship.

Are There Any Disadvantages of the Ranking System? 

There are no disadvantages to the ranking system. Even though some students might feel pressured at times, that only works as a motivating factor in the long run. Most studies show that the ranking system followed in educational institutions is immensely beneficial. It is hardly surprising then that the ranking system has withstood the test of time.

Wrapping Up 

Ranking a student works as an excellent motivator and encourages them to do better in the long run. It is also a crucial part of their academic progress since it allows them to realize their true academic potential.

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