Things to do if You are Pulled Over for a DUI and How to Overcome It

Pulled Over for a DUI

Being pulled over for a DUI is an unpleasant experience, but it can also be very frightening if you are not aware of what to expect.

However, being arrested for driving under the influence doesn’t have to mean that your life will come to ruin any more than it already has or will.

Just because you face jail time, fines, and other consequences doesn’t mean that all of your rights as a citizen can be revoked.

To ensure this does not happen, here are three important things to remember when faced with DUI charges:

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Remain Calm

Do not make the mistake of becoming angry or upset by the situation you find yourself in after being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.

Getting angry with the police officer will only serve to escalate the situation and could even lead to violence, which is never a good idea. Remain calm, polite, and do not speak back to avoid further escalating the situation.

Be Aware Of Your Rights

Once law enforcement officials pull you over, it can be easy to forget that you still retain certain rights as an American citizen.

For example, you should always know that you have the right to remain silent; anything that you say after being pulled over for drunk driving can be used against you in court.

So long as you stay quiet (except stating your name and address), then what little evidence they may have obtained off of you will be largely circumstantial at best.

Ensure That You Never Drive Drunk Again

It would help if you never did it again once you were charged with drunk driving. Getting caught multiple times could lead to significantly harsher punishments than the first time around.

Additionally, if your blood alcohol level was high enough to merit a DUI charge the first time around, there’s no reason to believe it won’t be as high or even higher on a second occurrence.

Suppose you ever find yourself in a situation where you fear that you may have been over the legal limit while driving.

In that case, you should immediately find alternative transportation home and avoid going out for any more drinks afterward. If possible, make plans with a sober friend or family member ahead of time that you can rely on for transportation.

If you ever find yourself intoxicated and unable to drive safely you can also consider finding therapy services. Doing this will ensure that you never find yourself in a situation like this again.

4. Don’t babble on and on

Whatever you do, don’t start rambling. The trooper might become suspicious if he thinks you are trying to come up with a lie as you speak, which could raise red flags and derail your defense.

To avoid this, wait until the police officer asks you questions before giving any responses. If there is something that can help your case, tell it straight and without embellishments.


In conclusion, these are four important things that you should do if you are pulled over for drunk driving. These can help get your case dismissed so long as you have a good lawyer.

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