Pune – A Tier 2 City that Has Left Behind a Major Impact


In modern times a move over to the city of Pune is not a difficult decision. There are better opportunities both in terms of career and education and no wonder to the fact that it is termed the Oxford of the east.

Some of the top-tier schools, universities, schools, shopping malls, and corporate outlets do make it an ideal place when it comes to the young and the old. Suppose if you are looking out for fun or vigor this is a place that is expected to suit you on all counts.

If you are planning a switch over to a new place it does have its own set of challenges in place. The city of Pune does have its own elegance and charm in place with the scope of life enhanced.

Suppose if you intend to move over to Pune there are numerous points of consideration that you need to keep at the back of your mind.

The weather is one of the best in the country

Once you reach Pune an alluring point of consideration does have to be the weather. When you have visited other places in the country it stands better in comparison to most of them. During the summers the weather is hot but still it is bearable as compared to other cities in India.

Due to the green present in the place, the humidity levels tend to be in control. So as to enjoy the place you can opt for a trip to the hill stations in the region. There are plenty of them and hotels near Pune Airport have tailor-made packages. For a first-time visitor to Pune, this would be of considerable help.

Have a two-wheel and cover the length and breadth of the country with relative ease

The city does have an efficient public transportation system in place. But still, people do not want to be dealing with the hassles of auto rickshaws or cabs.So, this does happen to be one of the main reasons why residents of Pune prefer to have a two-wheeler of their own.

No longer do they need to be dependent upon anyone and can venture out with relative ease. Just like a bicycle when you have a two-wheeler you can cover the city with relative ease. A license is a great option, but if you are new to the city then also there is nothing to worry.

Some of the top-tier education institutions are situated here

Suppose you plan to move over to Pune, then the challenge of finding an institution is bound to exist. But in this part of the world, such a situation is hardly bound to arise. In the city of Pune, there are numerous locals along with international schools, with excellent teachers and top-quality teachers available. Just like most other parts of the country, the session starts off in the month of April.

A mere mention about the city of Pune and you do have some of the famous colleges, schools and universities that the country has gone on to witness.

Food is not expected to pose any worries when you are in the city of Pune

Pune is the state that is the home of numerous cultures. From the burger to the missal pave the options are numerous. Numerous things are there that you can munch for 24 hours in a day. A few tourist attractions in the city of Pune are as follows

• Shaniwar Wada

Situated in the heart of the city it is at a distance of 3 km away from the Pune railway station. It was the original hub of the Peshwas and the construction of the premises was over in 1732 AD. As the foundation of the place was held on Saturday hence it goes on to derive the name.

From the Junnar jungles, teak was important and used in the construction of the premises. In due course of time, a number of additions have taken place to the premises.

In 1828 C E the place was destroyed by fire. Currently, this historical place happens to be under the supervision of the Pune Municipal corporation. If you are planning to visit this place then you can enjoy an hour of light and sound show. In both the local language Marathi and English, the show tends to be available. When it comes to these shows there is an entry fee that is levied.

• Dagdusheth Hawai Ganapathi temple

One of the notable attractions not only in the city of Pune but the entire country. Devotees from all over the country throng to visit this place. It ranks to be among the top Ganesh temples in the country and there are numerous tour packages catering to this segment.

The idol happens to be 7.5 feet tall, 4 feet in width and there is a golden ear that is being decorated with 8 kilos of Gold. Every year during the Ganesh festival of 10 days thousands of devotees visit this temple in numbers. Even on a normal day, the temple encounters a massive influx of crowds. During this time of the year, the lighting is of top quality.

• Sinhagad fort

Termed lion fort it is situated at a distance of 32 km from the Pune railway station. Since it is one of the famous trekking spots in the city of Pune it is likely to be part of most of the tour packages. Earlier the place was referred to as Kondana and went on to witness a series of fights.

According to estimates the place was built around 2000 years back. A main reason why this place tends to be important is due to the strategic location. You can reach out to this place by trekking or touch base on the parking area. Fromm the top of the fort you may catch a glimpse of the entire city.

These are some of the tourist attractions that you can witness in the city of Pune. They are some of the best in the country.

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