5 Critical Questions to Ask Your Buyer’s Agent in Sydney

Buyers Agent in Sydney

If you are looking around for your family’s perfect home, how would you know if it is a good house? It’s easy, ask your buyer’s agent. If you work with a buyer’s agent, you are assured that the home you are considering is a good fit for you and your family. Ask these questions to your property buyers agent in Sydney to help you decide.

It is the best time to invest in a property in Sydney. Sydney has experienced steady growth since the 1970s. Its population has grown by 1.6% over the past year, concurrent with the national growth rate.

The government of New South Wales is planning transport infrastructure projects to accommodate this growth. New motorways will be developed to ease access to the city from the suburbs. These developments can kick up Sydney property prices.

What is the market trend in properties in the neighbourhood?

As a buyer, you want to steer clear of neighbourhoods that are experiencing a stretch of foreclosures. The signs are apparent when there are abandoned houses for sale. There are bank signs on several houses throughout the street. In other cases, the neighbourhood’s infrastructures may be in decline.

You won’t know this fact until you move in. It is crucial to ask your buyer’s agent about neighbourhood market trends. Specifically asked them about the desirability of the area.

Fortunately, you can choose from a wide variety of neighbourhoods and dwellings in Sydney. Sydney is a burgeoning city with large suburban areas. Your choices are not limited to apartments. You can choose dwellings such as single floor houses with terraces in Glebe and historical townhouses in Surry Hills. You can also choose from modern residences in the inner-city. There is something for everyone in Sydney.

What is the asking price for the property?

Your property buyers agent in Sydney cannot tell you the exact price you should offer, but they can help you make comparisons with similar homes in similar neighbourhoods. You will see the prices for which they were sold. By asking your buyer’s agents the high and low price for comparable properties otherwise known as comps, you can make a fair offer for a property.

Is the seller willing to negotiate their asking price?

If you make a lowball offer on the property, you might offend the buyer. In the end, you lose your chance to purchase the home. Consult with your agent to ask if the seller is willing to negotiate. The seller might be convinced to accept your offer.

How much are the property tax and utility bills of the property?

Determine your budget to make sure you can afford the actual property. It is crucial to get a pre qualified loan from your bank to determine your monthly mortgage payments. But you should also factor in the extra costs. Ask the property tax and utility bills of the property so you’re sure you can afford the home.

Are there documents for the mechanical systems?

In a perfect world, your seller should be organized. It will make everything easier, especially when you purchase the home. Ask the seller for documents on mechanical systems and appliances throughout the home. Many brand-new owners have horror stories to tell about systems and appliances in their home which do not have any documentation. It is a hassle when things start breaking down.

Without paperwork on systems and appliances, it is hard to determine if the mechanical system is still covered by warranty or what repairs and parts are needed.

Final thoughts

Living in Sydney, Australia, is the dream. It is a sunny location which is perfect for raising a family. You will enjoy access to culture, lifestyle hubs, and quality schools. Enjoy safety and security in an area where the crime rate is low.

It is predicted that Australia’s housing market could surpass pre-COVID levels as early as 2021. The price of housing continues to flourish across the country. Many experts believe that Australia was able to keep the virus under control. Because of this, housing properties will not decline as initially forecast.

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