Top 7 Reasons How Real Estate Business Can Benefit From Drone Photography?

benefits of drone photography in real estate

What’s that buzzing sound in the air?

Now the drone is getting trendy in real estate business and most of the professionals who are in this business turning off towards drone photography and videos to market their listings.

Brian Balduf said to get the attention of the people and to convert them into a real customer, drone photography and video will help the people to spend time looking at the property.

And according to Goldman Sachs forecast, the drone market will be worth US$100 billion by 2020. Huge demand in the commercial and government sectors. So we can estimate from his outlook that real estate business will more PROFITABLE  by using drone technology.


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From these above stats, we can justify that DRONE photography, and video is a WIN-WIN situation for both buyers and sellers. Buyers will get to know the property through visual information, educating them the real scenario of the property which they’re willing to see.

What amount do photographer charge?

Professional drone photographer charges $200 to $400 for 10 to 15 stills and $300 to $1000 for

video ranging 1 to 10 minutes. If the client needs more footage video of the property, then the price to increase as per the requirement.

You can specify the specific areas which will be more attractive in the selling point of view. So that it would be more convenient to shoot the video will be more engaging in the eyes of the customer.

7 Reason in using a drone for real estate business growth

Here are some facts that will educate you to invest your money in time on filming your real estate property using DRONE.

1. High-Quality camera

New professional drones come with a high-quality camera in shooting interiors and exterior of the home which covers the whole building in wide angle perspective.

Taking live videos through drone is most trending in Facebook and on Youtube helpful to promote live real estate property videos online.

2. Drone stills work best

Many of them do ask photographers does drone is better in taking stills photos. Or they have to pay an extra amount to shoot pictures with a DSLR camera.

The answer is YES drone can take stunning photos especially if the photographer is using the drone model like Phantom 4.Drone also capture 360° interactive aerial panoramic photographs from various heights to enhance the full interactive experience.

3. Drone captures high, wide shots

The drone has the potential to capture wide-angle shots that covers the subject property of its surrounding area. That grabs client attention and helps them to visualize the property in that particular location.

4. Create more compelling shots

Real estate agents have been using aerial photography for decades, and thousands of dollars were invested for the photos using Airplanes and helicopters, and now this trend is replaced by a drone that is cost-effective that saves valuable time and money of the agent.

Professional photographers know the directions to take photos in various directions capturing the building corners and the surroundings within the property.

5. Virtual tours

Drone camera has the potential to fly into a home capturing front door, pools, walking paths, backyards and the surrounding creating an informative virtual tour.

And a soundtrack that makes a better combination to watch the full virtual tour. However, a virtual tour can create curiosity only when it has followed the time-tested real estate photo editing guidelines before it goes LIVE.

6. Can experiment with different Flight modes

You can check out with photographer in experimenting with various flight modes which can give a better cinematic mode, tripod mode, and point to interest mode to create a perfect camera movement.

7. Generate business

And when it comes to promoting the videos on social media platforms is much better than any other platform to promote video ads of the virtual tour of the property to generate leads for real estate business.

Wrapping up

From the above information, you came to know the use of DRONE in real-time to sell the property and generate high profits.

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