Renting Fun Rides for Your School Carnival

Rides for Your School Carnival

Planning a school carnival or fun fair? Looking to add some excitement with carnival rides? Renting rides can take your event to the next level, bringing smiles to kids’ faces. Follow these handy tips to choose the best rides and ride provider for a safe, thrilling carnival.

Research Reputable Ride Companies

Safe rides start with responsible ride companies. Search online reviews and ask PTA contacts for recommended providers known for well-maintained equipment and responsible operations. Meet company reps in person when possible and ask questions about safety procedures and operator training.

Match Rides to Your Space

Carefully measure your carnival footprint and rent rides sized appropriately. Smaller rides like fun houses, spin zones, and kiddie rides fit tight spaces, while roller coasters, the Jokers Wild and Ferris wheels need more real estate. Provide the dimensions to your provider for ideal recommendations.

Book Early for Best Selection

Ride companies have limited quantities of each ride and carnival dates fill up quickly. For top pick availability, book your rentals 6 months to a year out. Last-minute bookings could mean settling for leftover rides. To ensure access to the newest attractions, some companies allow reservations up to 2 years out!

Inspect the Equipment Thoroughly

Don’t take safety for granted. When the rides arrive, carefully examine each one yourself or with the assistance of the provider. Look for worn or faulty parts and controls, ensuring everything is solidly assembled per specifications. Don’t be shy about asking operators to fix or replace defective components before accepting a ride.

Have a Rain Plan

Mother Nature can throw a wrench in the best carnival plans! Most ride contracts allow rescheduling due to inclement weather. But you’ll want a backup option too, like having kids’ games, arts and crafts, and movie screenings in covered areas. Your rain plan keeps the fun going, even when rides shut down.

Create Excitement for Attendees

Promote your carnival rides weeks ahead to build anticipation. Share photos of rides on social media and print eye-catching posters. Have students talk up their favorite thrill rides during morning announcements. Generate buzz so attendees come ready for an unforgettable experience.

Offer Unlimited Ride Passes

Sell day-of unlimited ride passes rather than individual tickets for each ride. Busy parents will love this simplified option. Wristbands provide easy access for riders, while ensuring predictable revenue for your organization. Set tiered pricing for tiny tot rides, big kid rides, and all access so there’s something for every age.

Provide Extra Amenities

Look beyond rides to make your carnival truly special. Hire roaming magicians, face painters, balloon artists, and photo booths to enhance the festivities. Ask local bands to play live music for free community exposure. Sell vibrantly colored carnival apparel printed with your school logo. Offering complementary activities and souvenirs raises the event’s profile.

Utilize Student Volunteers

High school volunteers can assist younger kids on and off rides as part of their community service hours. Student council teens might run game and prize booths, while field day captains organize outdoor contests outside ride lines to keep others occupied. Utilizing eager students provides helpful labor while giving teens leadership opportunities.

With smart research, planning, and partnerships, your school or organization can stage a sensationally fun, safe carnival. Just take it step-by-step, starting months ahead to lock in spectacular rides from a trusted provider. Following these tips, you’ll have kids, parents, and volunteers making memories that last long after your successful event.

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