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Criminal Defense Charges

Bankstown got its name after Sir Joseph Bank, who travelled to the Land Down Under with Captain James Cook in the late 1700s. It was the first European settlement along the river. Today, Bankstown is a southwest suburb in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales Territory.

Its proximity to the central business district makes it a lively and populous neighbourhood. Because of the number of people and activities you encounter on a daily basis, you may end up unknowingly offending someone or violating some rules.

If you ever find yourself facing criminal cases like drug charges, property issues, or traffic offences, you will need the help of reputable Bankstown criminal lawyers to help process your case. Without proper representation, you could face stiff penalties such as expensive fines, community service, or time in jail.

Whether you are innocent seeking acquittal or guilty asking for leniency, you deserve a good lawyer who gives the best effort and full attention to give you the justice you deserve. With so many lawyers in Bankstown, how do you know which one to choose? Consider the following elements when seeking the best representation:

Ask For Referrals

When you’re stuck in a bind, you need someone experienced to help you work through the complex legal process. You just can’t place your bets on anyone. Since you pay professional fees, you need a lawyer who can truly offer the best service. Well, nothing beats word of mouth referrals from your relatives, friends, colleagues, or even neighbours.

Recommendations coming from these people who matter in your life inspire the most trust. A lawyer they personally vouch for and has worked with provides peace of mind in trying times.

Perform Extra Research

In this day and age of the world wide web, information is right at your fingertips. When you have to deal with a complex legal challenge that drains your energy, searching for “Bankstown criminal lawyers” in Google will give you several hits. From there, you can check out the online presence of the firm you’re considering. Check out their official website and seek information about consultation fees.

Moreover, find out the specific lawyer credentials like where this person went to school and what are the success rates. Any firm that imposes a huge fee during the first meeting is a red flag. Why? Because this kind of partnership starts with a solid foundation of trust. A reputable and legitimate firm knows that first time consults establish this much-needed trust, so they often waive this fee. From there, don’t forget to check online reviews to see what past clients say about your potential lawyer and how much they charged.

Interview Several Candidates

After you’ve narrowed down your list of criminal firm prospects, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Conduct a quick interview meeting with each.
  2. During this initial encounter, ask pertinent questions about legal training and experience.
  3. Ask how long they have been working on an issue like yours, or how many cases they’ve handled and won.
  4. Don’t just listen to the replies but check out their countenance and demeanour when they answer.

More than what they say, it is how they say it that carries weight. Look at non-verbal cues that provide more insight about this lawyer’s character. During the initial meeting, you can get a feel for the person. Here’s the most important tip: follow your gut. First impressions matter so listen to your instincts.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your lawyer, you won’t feel at ease providing personal details. Should you have reservations, it is better not to proceed.

Ask About Legal Fees 

Finally, before you agree to work with a law firm, you need transparency. Talk about the legal fees upfront. Above all, make sure you put your agreement in writing. A reputable firm will go the extra mile to make you feel safe and secure.

For example, you’re facing a huge company because a truck rammed into your vehicle. Your lawyer will submit tons of paperwork like police reports, insurance details, and medical records in this scenario. Your lawyer will also represent you in the courtroom.

With this kind of complex job, you need to ask if the firm charges a billable hourly rate or a contingency rate. If you don’t have enough funds, it would be best to ask for the latter. In this regard, a portion of your eventual settlement will be given to the firm after the courts have provided final judgment. Understanding the fee structure of your legal professional can save you from added stress.

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