What’s the Right Wiper Blade Size for 2017 Honda Accord?

right size 2017 Honda Accord wiper blades

Windshield wiper blades may seem like a straightforward purchase. And ultimately, it is. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to choose blades for your 2017 Honda Accord.

But it does help to know some important information to pick the ones that deliver the best longevity and performance.

For one, you’ll need the right size 2017 Honda Accord wiper blades. Select a 26-inch blade for the driver’s side and a 19-inch blade for the passenger’s side wiper.

Besides buying the correct 2017 Honda Accord wiper blade size, you should also select ones designed for optimal performance in your typical driving conditions and climate.

This short guide explains what type of blades you’ll find on the market – and how to care for them once they’re on your vehicle.

Why 2017 Honda Accord Wiper Blade Size is Important

Windshield wipers help ensure that you get proper visibility in rain, sunshine, snow, or other types of weather. Using a rubber edge, the wiper blades move over the windshield glass thanks to motorized wiper arms.

Those blades push snow, ice, dirt, water, and other debris out of the way.

Some vehicles, like your Accord, have longer driver’s side wiper arms because they’re positioned farther to the left. This helps them cover as much of the windshield as possible without bumping into the other wiper or going off the edge of the glass.

As you shop for Honda Accord wiper blades, you’ll probably see three different styles: conventional, beam, and hybrid.

Conventional blades use classic construction with a rubber squeegee attached to a metal frame with pivot points. Beam blades eliminate the metal components, using a solid piece of rubber that follows the exact curve of your windshield.

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Hybrid blades attach an aerodynamic rubber shell to a metal frame, combining the best design points of conventional and beam styles.

How To Keep Honda Accord 2017 Wiper Blades in Good Condition

Wiper blades deliver between six and 12 months of dependable use, depending on the style you buy and your weather conditions.

Beam blades last the longest because there are no metal components that get clogged with ice or snow. But regardless of what you buy, you can maintain them in good condition by following some simple steps:

  • Clean your blades regularly with wiper fluid or glass cleaner.
  • Avoid parking in the direct sun whenever possible.
  • Leave your vehicle in the shade or use a car cover if you must park outdoors.
  • Do not use your blades to scrape ice from your windshield.

These practices extend your blades’ lifespans by keeping them free of dirt and debris. You also limit their exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun, which can break down the rubber material in the blades.

Regular wiper blade replacement is also part of proper vehicle maintenance, so you also want to swap out your blades when they squeak or chatter, can’t clean away dirt, or leave streaks on the windshields.

Timely replacement also ensures that your windshield stays in good condition, avoiding scratches or cracks from exposed metal on the blades themselves.

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