What Really is the Role of an Employment Lawyer?

Employment Lawyer

Sydney gets about 9 million visitors every year. The place is one of the most preferred to discover in the world. The iconic Sydney Opera House, found in Bennelong Point, always goes to the top when it comes to attractions to check out. The Vivid Sydney festival that happens every winter is a major event in the country and the world.

Corporate professionals who decided to reside in the city will surely love Chatswood’s high-rise buildings and luxurious retail experience. This place is known for its stable and developing economy. Hence, investors don’t think twice about putting up their business ventures in Sydney.

With the continuous increase of new businesses, this also offers more employment. But it is not a secret that workers tend to be attracted to moving to firms that can provide better employment packages. Unfortunately, some awful employers may find ways to keep their staff from leaving, even to the point of making unlawful and unjust employment concerns.

Even employers also need their legal expertise since they also need defending if government agencies and boards question them about their compliance with certain regulations. To avoid being caught up in this dilemma, you can hire an employment lawyer in Sydney, who will help workers entangled with a messy employment lawsuit. Now let’s see what they do.

Breaking Down Employee Rights

With the guidance of an employment attorney, the worker gets to understand their rights. This covers the applicable regulations relevant to the case and the viable scenarios for the client, such as mediation, litigation, and negotiation. The legal counsel will also present a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of the options and offer advice about the most feasible course of action.

Filing a Case

There should be a claim filed by an attorney at the relevant government agency for every employee’s legal concern before proceeding to negotiation or mediation between the two parties involved. The legal counsel is responsible for all requirements in filing the complaint to the designated agency. They are also tasked to define the time restrictions related to the claim.

Adherence To The Law

Suppose an employer is to hire an employment lawyer in Sydney. The attorney becomes the client’s legal representative. One of their main responsibilities is to ensure their client is strictly adhering to all applicable laws. This consists of complying with the anti-discrimination laws of the land.

They are tasked to draft rules and educate employers and management about prohibiting discrimination based on sex, race, age, colour, disability, religion, and national origin. Employers can learn more about their legal obligations concerning employment and the environment.

Furthermore, employment lawyers protect and handle issues if any government agency or board legally questions their operation.


When employees have legal concerns such as wrongful termination, discrimination, or failure to receive benefits, a credible employment attorney can help them get a favourable outcome in their lawsuit. A good legal counsel can bring a fair settlement for workers, particularly those who have experienced injustice from their bosses and company owners.

The primary job of this kind of attorney is to defend workers against abuse of power and defend staff from lawsuits filed by their firm against them.

Wage-Related Lawsuits

These cases exist when a worker fails to receive the pay or salary they are entitled to. When the firm asks the staff to work outside their designated working hours or asks them to render overtime, they can legally file a complaint if they don’t get paid for those hours. Some employers purposely miscategorise these things to avoid paying extra wages to the staff.

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