List of Gupta Empire Kings: Last Ruler of Gupta Dynasty

Rulers from the Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire of Ancient India was the period of peace and consider the Golden age of India. The dynasty was founded by Sri Gupta in c. 240-280 CE, established by the Chandragupta in around 400 CE.

Skandgupta was the last ruler of the Gupta dynasty. The dynasty is also in the top 10 greatest empires of Indian history.

The dynasty has produced many rulers who contributed really well to the administration, social life, literature, culture, and architecture of India. So, let’s have a look at the list of Gupta empire kings.

Chandra Gupta I (320-335 or 340 A.D.)

King Chandragupta I and Queen Kumaradevi
King Chandragupta I and Queen Kumaradevi

Chandra Gupta was the first ruler of the Gupta dynasty. History says that there were another 2 rulers (Gupta and Ghatotkacha) before him but isn’t much recognized. Chandragupta was also entitled to Maharajadhiraja which means the “King of Kings.”

Samudra Gupta (Nearly 340-380 A.D.)

Coin of Samudragupta
Coin of Samudragupta – Source Wikipedia

Samudragupta is also known as the ‘Napoleon of India’ was the son of Chandragupta I and princess Kumaradevi. Samudragupta fought 100s of battles and increased his dynasty’s military conquests and political power. His Allahabad Pillar shows how much his father is proud of him and chooses him as his only successor.

Chandra Gupta II (Nearly 380-413 or 415 A.D.)

An 8 gm gold coin featuring Chandragupta II
An 8 gm gold coin featuring Chandragupta II – Image source Wikipedia

Chandragupta II, also known as the Vikramaditya was the son of the Samudra Gupta and grandson of the Chandra Gupta. During his reign, the development of ancient India reached its peak. He flourished the art, culture, sculpture, and literature.

Kumara Gupta (Near about 415-455 A.D.)

Kumaragupta fighting a lion
Kumaragupta fighting a lion – Image source Wikipedia

There is no information about his military achievements. The king performed an Ashvamedha to prove his supremacy. He was the son of queen Dhruvadevi and Chandragupta II. Some historians say that he worshipped Karttikeya, the war god.

Skandagupta (455-467 A.D.)

Coins of Skanda Gupta
Coins of Skanda Gupta – image source Indianetzone

Skandagupta of the Gupta dynasty was considered the great warrior as he fought with Pushyamitras and the Hunas. He wasn’t the immediate successor of the Gupta dynasty. He has considered the last ruler of the Gupta dynasty.

It was his stepbrother Purugupta who was legitimate of throne because his mother was the chief queen. Later after his death, he was succeeded by Purugupta.

Budha Gupta (477 to nearly 500 A.D.) – last ruler of the Gupta dynasty

Buddha gupta
Buddha Gupta – Image source – WikiVisually

Budhagupta was the son of Purugupta. He was succeeded by his son Narasimhagupta. Budhagupta ties with the Kannauj rulers to run the Huns entirely from North India. After the death of Budha Gupta, the unity of the empire broke as Vainya Gupta and Bhanu Gupta from east and west declared their independence.

It believes that after Budha Gupta’s reign it was only Bhanu Gupta and Narsimha who had the fight against the Huna once again.

The Vishnu Gupta and Kumara Gupta III were the last rulers of the Gupta Dynasty. The above mentioned are only the top rulers from the Gupta empire.

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