Say Goodbye to Bats When Travelling

There is nothing more annoying than having to travel alongside with special rodents that are threatening your integrity.

Bats are among the most peculiar creatures that can stay with you through the night and even bite you for no specific reason.

They are carriers of numerous contagious diseases that normally live in their bodies and can infect you in zero time.

That is why you need to get rid of bats when you are traveling to an unknown place since they can give you a great barrier to enjoy your journey.

What are the specific characteristics of those bats? Are they as dangerous as we thought them to be? Is there a chance you can leave with them peacefully?

All these questions and many more are going to be answered in this review that is going to offer you useful information about the features of bats that live in unknown places.

Bats and their special characteristics


We all know that bats are mammals that are flying. As simple as that. They are more likely to be included in the rodent genre and have many commons with rats and mice in terms of their respiratory and internal organs systems.

Bats usually prefer to live in dark and humid places that are abandoned by human presence.

However, many times they are forced to cohabit with humans, and this is a coexistence that is not well tolerated by both parties.

They can be found primarily in cages and other caves that are in the ground and usually spend their daytime sleeping while being hung upside down.

This is their normal sleeping position as well as the feeding one. They are only activated during the night.

An acute night vision is their special characteristic that makes bats differ from other rodents.

They can identify an enemy from miles away and take any special precaution to get out of the danger.

However, they usually need to chase other small animals like rabbits and hens that reside in the countryside which they usually bite them to find sustainable food sources.

How can you keep them away when traveling?


This is a great question for most of the people that are constantly traveling and need to sleep I caves or outside in the wilderness. Bats may be around and watching.

So, the best thing to do to keep bats away is to start a bonfire. This is one of the best measures you can get to keep bats away from your nest.

Fire can give them heat signals that something is going wrong near their cave.

They will easily prefer to change their location rather than being close to an active fire that prevents them from viewing any possible enemy since they have eyes that only work in nocturnal conditions.

Additionally., you may try to play music either with some instruments or reproduce it through your MP3 player speakers.

This will disorientate the bats that are going to leave the premises in a short period of time.

Another great way to keep all bats away from your place you are residing when traveling is to always have a torch with you.

Like bonfires, torches especially the ones that are equipped with LED lights can give you a great advantage in lighting up the place.

This creates an unusual situation for the bats which prefer to massively leave the place before they start being threatened by other possible enemies.

Finally, strong fragrances and scents can keep bats away from your cave when traveling.

If you want to try sandalwood or other pure fragrances, then you can be sure that no kind of bats is going to be closer than 20 feet from you.

They really dislike the usual feeling of fragrance close to them and they cannot even stand it for a while.

Which are the diseases that a bat can give to you?

Bats are nasty animals that carry many pathogenic microorganisms in their natural flora.

That means they could easily give you contagious diseases that can cause you severe illness if left without any kind of treatment.

Malaria and measles are some of the diseases that are more probable to be transmitted to you in case you are bitten by bats.

They can cause you severe fever that cannot be anticipated with normal drugs and there is a great need to take antibiotics in order to heal from such situations.

Another great disease that could be given to you through the bats’ bites could be the lime disease. This is pathogenic bacteria that normally live within the body of the normal bat.

Most of the time it has appeared in people that lived and traveled on the eastern shore of the United States and that is why it has taken the name of Lime Disease.

Finally, bats can also cause listeria that has been one of the most dreadful diseases during the Middle Ages.

Today there are multiple treatments for all these conditions provided that you will be hospitalized soon enough after you realize that you have been bitten by a certain bat type.


One of the most dangerous aspects of traveling keeps on being the bat’s threat. They are virtually anywhere on the planet no matter the weather conditions.

Frequent travelers are always vulnerable to bats attacks especially when they fall asleep in places that are dark and humid.

Most of the people have adequately learned to protect themselves from bats when they travel. This is their main concern during the night that is why they prefer to stay together around great fires.

Travelers who had experienced bat attacks have been well known for their courage to stay healthy ever after.

They are examined thoroughly upon the completion of their trip since sometimes the harmful reactions of a bat bite cannot be easily seen the first days.

Take a close look at the place you are going to sleep when you are traveling since bats are residing almost anywhere.

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