Tips to Choose the Best Sea Freight Services in Australia

sea freight Australia

With over 650 million tonnes of cargo moved across Australian wharves in 2016-17, the country’s sea freight now focuses more on international exports.

On the other hand, the import’s share of the Australian sea freight, by tonnage, stood at 6%, during the same period.

So, if you wish to have a thriving import or export business, it is best to look for reputed sea freight Australia. They should offer a personalized service at competitive rates, which ensures you witness consistent profits year on year. Here are some of the best tips for choosing the best sea freight services for your business in Australia.

Decide the Right Sea Freight Container Size

Depending on your cargo handling requirements, choose the best suitable sea freight container size. Leading service providers in Australia offer options, such as LCL, FCL, RORO, and LOLO, which help you select the best shipping method.

Experts suggest carefully choosing between LCL and FCL to make the best out of sea freight to Australia. In both cases, your shipment does not necessarily have to fill the entire container. But, while LCL requires you to pay for the space your cargo occupies, FCL appears to be a better option when you don’t want your goods to get exposed to other traders’ products.

Check for Sea Freight Access to Various Australian Seaports

For ensuring you have a smooth business operation in Australia, you need to have access to all the top seaports in the country. While Brisbane is the busiest, responsible for over 28 million cargo each year, Sydney offers a prime location for goods transportation into the city areas.

A leading agency for sea freight in Australia will be fully licensed and credited to access all Aussie seaports. It will ensure your cargo can arrive and dispatch from any port across the country.

Check for The International Sea Trade Routes Covered

Australia ranks as the world’s 5th-largest user of shipping services, with around 10 Australian ports accounting for over 85% of seaborne export cargo.

But when you have business partnerships spanning across countries, you need access to international sea trade routes.

Check if the sea freight service provider in question covers all the essential international sea trade routes. Industry leaders typically offer continuous service on routes from China, the USA, India, and Europe.

Consider Your Budget

Whether you have pallets, containers, or loose cartons as the type of sea freight, you need to plan your budget.

While choosing a suitable shipping method can save you considerable shipping costs, ensuring you have proper sea freight insurance coverage can avoid last-minute surprises. Check if the service provider collaborates with leading cargo insurance companies for a comprehensive cargo cover.

Confirm how the agency will fix the rates for transporting your goods across Australia to ensure the service fits your planned budget.

Find a Reputed Service Provider

Sea trade plays a crucial role in the Australian market, with the critical sea freight routes devoted to the export of minerals. On the other hand, these sea links find use in importing manufactured goods into the capital cities.

If you wish to make the most out of the Aussie sea freight solutions, consult a leading freight forwarder. Rest assured, while your cargo will be safe during the entire shipping duration, you will have a successful business in Australia.

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