10 New Skills to Learn Online To Boost Your Career

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Nowadays, there’s fierce competition in the job market, and it’s essential to update your resume often. Luckily, there are various new career-boosting skills that you can enroll online. Online learning is associated with numerous gains and is a comfortable and flexible way of learning.

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Check out new skills that you can learn online:

1. Collaborative working in a remote team

Most businesses conduct their affairs remotely, and some managers find it challenging to manage remote teams. Learning this course will make it easier to navigate the challenges associated with working remotely and how to manage remote employees effectively. The course will help you to understand the challenges and benefits of working remotely.

2. Introduction to public speaking

An interview is an excellent platform to showcase your skills. The many available courses can sharpen your communication skills, making it easier to handle interviews and meetings. The introduction to public speaking is a perfect example; it’s a short and free online course.

It will supply you with the skills to ace interviews even in cases when you feel nervous speaking before crowds. It will come in handy when interviewers put you on the spot to respond to intricate questions and can help you land the highest paying jobs. The skills learned in this free online course will make it easier to make presentations in meetings, and this a plus to your career.

3. Interpersonal abilities

In most cases, you have to work with others for the success of the organization. Some tasks include working as a team, responding to clients and suppliers. Interpersonal abilities is one of the valuable career-boosting skills sought after by most employers. The course will help you better build relationships with others around you.

4. High-impact business writing

Writing skills are essential in all careers; they will give you an edge above your colleagues no matter your profession. You need these skills to communicate effectively with others in the workplace, write compelling reports and presentations, draft engaging emails, and write catchy cover letters when applying for jobs. The business writing course will help you to notice, correct, and avoid writing mistakes.

5. Critical thinking & Problem-solving

Critical thinking and problem-solving is a short course that takes three weeks and is sought after by all employers. It will equip you with the skills to identify complex issues and evaluate the options for the most suitable solution. It will also help you to discuss and think of application techniques for critical thinking in the workplace.

 6. Self-confidence

Self- confidence is a valuable skill that will convince others that you’re good at what you’re doing. It helps you to believe in yourself, and this can make others have confidence in you. It will make others view you as someone who can handle different situations and at work under various circumstances.

7. Tactfulness

The skill is valuable in many situations in the workplace. People react differently to confrontation and other issues that may come up in the workplace. Tactfulness is a skill that will be useful in your day to day activities. It will help you to better deal with other workers and clients as well. Moreover, it will place you in a better position to handle issues that may arise during your work.

8. A new language

Languages are an integral aspect of your day-to-day communication. The ability to speak different languages is a valuable skill for all workers. It will not only advance your career but can open up travel and job opportunities in other places in the world. Some of the languages you can opt for are Chinese, Spanish, French, Germany, and many more.

9. Self-improvement skills

Negotiation skills are vital for business success. You’ll need them to negotiate with employers, clients, and other people, not only in the workplace but in your personal life. Negotiation skills in a company can lead to career advancement. They can help you negotiate with employers for a better salary or a job promotion. The course is one of the many types of soft skills available online for free.

10. Digital literacy

Technology keeps on evolving, and most companies are now operating digitally.  Most employers are currently seeking employees with more advanced computer skills, and the digital literacy course comes in handy. It will enhance your knowledge of using digital tools to solve problems, become more productive, and create company content.


There are many career-boosting skills that you can enroll online to advance your knowledge. Most are payable, but you can still take advantage of the free online courses. Learning a new skill will help bolster your resume and set you apart for the rest. It will make you a better employee, and you can use the newly acquired skills to seek a promotion or take a new role altogether.

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