5 Tips to Help You Find Student Housing Near Monash University

student housing near Monash university

Are you planning to study abroad? Then Monash University is the perfect choice for you. Located in Australia, Monash University is one of the top global universities that provides an outstanding student experience.

As the travel ban is lifted, international students return to Australian universities. A recent report stated that the student housing sector in Australia would resume strong growth in the next five years.

Therefore, you will need to start looking for off-campus student accommodation if you plan to study at this university.

Here are five tips that can make your search for student housing near Monash University.

Check The Costs

Firstly, you need to find out your budget. Here are some factors that can affect the prices:

  • Rent – Rent may vary based on several factors. First, check if there is a separate room for rent or if the entire house/apartment is available. Second, find out if there is parking available. Also, check the locality. Many times, the closer you are to the university, the more expensive the rent is. Third, find out if there is a bond. The more expensive your rent, the higher the deposit will be.
  • Food – If you share a kitchen with other students, check cooking facilities. The more expensive the rent, the better the amenities will be.
  • Internet – You will need a high-speed internet for your studies. If you share an apartment or room with other students, find out if the internet is included.
  • Utilities – It would be best to find out which utilities are included in your rent. Some student housing options near the University have a contract with the utility company that provides a particular utility free of charge.

Get In Touch with the Local Residents and Ask for Recommendations

The best way to find a place to live is by asking for recommendations from people who have lived in the area. They will know about the good places where you can find affordable student housing.

Find The Right Location

You will need suitable transport connections if you plan to commute to your university. You can make use of applications like Google Maps to find the best places close to the transport routes.

Check Apartment Types for Students

Once you know your budget, you must choose the type of apartment that fits your needs. You can check out student housing facilities in your budget. Here are a few types of apartments:

  • Basic student accommodation – This type of accommodation is the least expensive. However, they are usually small apartments that can accommodate only one or two students. Standard amenities include an internet connection, kitchen appliances, and laundry facilities.
  • Apartments with shared facilities – This type of student accommodation is usually used by students who share a room or an apartment.

Get The Right Accommodation Guarantee

Finally, you must get the correct type of accommodation guarantee. For instance, if you plan to opt for student housing, you can pay the advance rent fee and get some discounts on future rent.

It can help if you have roommates looking for student accommodation. You can save money by sharing transport to the university.


Renting a property near Monash University is not complicated. The best homes can be close to transport routes and amenities. You can find suitable off-campus student accommodation by following these five tips.

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