Most Successful Manufacturing Startups

Manufacturing Startups in India

A robust manufacturing backbone is the cornerstone of a successful and developing economy, especially pertinent for a country that houses more than 1.5 billion people, most of who are pre-occupied in the agrarian economy.

The need of the hour is for entrepreneurs, risk-takers & even traditional businessmen to take calculated risks and reap the benefits of whatever India has to offer be it in terms of its diversity, availability of manpower, a favourable outlook amongst most Asian economies and a low wage rate.

More important than any of this is a favorable government policy that rewards such risk taking and absorbs the negative consequences of assuming these risks.

While there’s plenty to delve deep into when it comes to most of these aspects and we have a long way to go, we’ll stick to the advice of most experts and stay positive during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic by bringing some great news on some Indian manufacturing & distributing companies.

Hopefully, initiatives on encouraging FDI will help in the long term.

1. BiltzIndia

Biltz India is an upstart in making cutting tools and precision carbide tools. These special tools have a niche but a global reach and have helped Biltz scale up orders across the globe. The company makes industrial cutters, reamers, and drills for pretty much every industrial application and it has manufacturing facilities spread all across the country.

The company has its HQ in the manufacturing SEZ of Kasarwadi in Pune and has a network of warehouses across India. Rahul Arora, who leads in international expansion has confided that aspect which allows for international companies to choose India over other Asian countries is due to softer aspects and not necessarily due to hard, technical skills or prices.

While prices are important, India should reap the advantages of being a lot more westernized and a lot more global in their approach and streamline their export initiatives as well.

2. FesPro Foods

Headed by Pankaj Bairoliya, an Indore-based Industrialist, the company makes and exports foods for millennial and boomer consumers who crave both continental cuisine and also crave healthy food options. To make it an even better package, the company also packages into bite-sized meals and ready to cook quantities that are a hot selling product.

The company primarily distributes through E-commerce platforms but plans are underway to make draconian inroads into the billion-dollar retail industry in India.

3. Bombay Shaving Company

You know we here are Absolute love to feature skin products for men, as we did before. So you can understand how thrilled we are with this feature.

If there’s a leading company that champions men’s grooming and shaking off the stigma associated with it, it has to be the Bombay Shaving Company which, Ironically, is based in Delhi.

A little-known fact about the company is that the products are manufactured in-house and are mostly private labels with negligible outsourcing. The pandemic has allowed the company to thrive and it has picked investments from biggies like Colgate-Palmolive.

Started by childhood friends Shantanu & Manu who were inspired by the stupendous growth of shaving brands in western countries, the company has seen tremendous growth in users, thanks to their novel marketing initiatives.

4. FurnitureRoots

Designing, making, selling & fitting furniture both domestically and internationally has been a near-ancient industry in India. Furniture Manufacturing hotspots like Jodhpur is the last place one would expect a new startup to emerge from but this furniture manufacturer and direct distributor is exactly that.

FurnitureRoots specializes in wooden furniture and metal furniture, something India is extremely known for, specially carved artisanal wooden furniture.

Apart from providing furniture and fitting solutions to commercial dining businesses, hotels, large homeowners, pubs, etc all over India, FurnitureRoots has expanded its distribution network to several foreign countries (recently into Australia), and exports Jodhpuri and Indian Wooden furniture, metal furniture and marble-based furniture designs which most of us don’t even know exist.


We’ve saved the best one for last, chances are, you’ve already heard of or even used a BOAT product in your lifetime. The company started off with making regular earphones at an extremely affordable price around 4-5 years ago, which undercut the pricing that most multinational companies were offering.

With a narrow gap in the quality of earphones, the company still managed to secure the interest and loyalties of the youth who were in need of affordable earphones with a decent performance. The homegrown company claims that more than 40% of the first-time buyers also repeat purchased newer products that the company launched such as its portable speakers, its Bluetooth earpods, etc.

Unfortunately, the company has also received a lot of flak for offloading its component manufacturing to China and has instated plans and funds in place to take set up manufacturing units in the country.

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