The Best Ideas for Planning Your Child-Free Wedding

Child-Free Wedding

A child-free wedding is ideal for a lot of couples out there. It can mean that you get to have fun with your friends how you want, and not have to worry about children breaking anything, including themselves.

It can take a huge amount of stress out of wedding planning too, as it can get you your ideal after-party space and allow you to hire places you have always wanted to go.

#1 A Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding can be difficult to plan, especially if you have guests coming from all over the place. You need to make sure that those who have RSVP’d can make it on time, so you need to take travel into account.

If you are having a small and intimate wedding, you should think about a holiday with your wedding, unless you are planning on sending all of your guests home after the ceremony and carrying on your trip as a honeymoon.

If people still want to bring their children, you need to make sure that you make it very clear that you are not booking space for them, and that it is a child-free wedding. If they continue to persist, it might be a good idea to uninvite them and have a more condensed (and probably calmer) wedding.

#2 The Location of the After-Party

If you have a ceremony that allows people of all ages in, you might find it far more enjoyable to have a child-free after-party. This can be a great way to help you relax and enjoy your time without needing to worry about other people’s kids hurting themselves and being bombarded by angry parents (more on that in a minute).

You will also then get the opportunity to go to amazing rooftop bars and restaurants that are typically adult-only spaces. This means that you can enjoy your wedding however you want, without needing to cater to the appetite of picky kids.

It also means that you can drink and have a quiet evening if you want, without anyone crying because they’re tired or don’t want something, even though it is your special day.

#3 Dealing with Pushy Parents

If you have a sibling or a friend who has to bring their child along to everything, and they throw a tantrum that you aren’t inviting their pride and joy to your wedding, you need to stand your ground.

You will find that if you let one child come to a wedding that was titled child-free, then you will have a lot of angry friends. You need to understand that if this person persists against your decision, you might not want them around on your special day anyway.

It can be tiring dealing with these sorts of people, so you need to be firm about it and know when enough is enough. If it begins to cause trouble in your family, you need to turn to expert advice and figure out what to do.

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