5 Wealthiest Cities in the World

Chicago, USA

What exactly came to your mind the very moment you set your eyes on this topic? Well as for me, I have many questions rushing through my mind such as what makes a city rich. Is it the people, the infrastructure or what?

Those are questions that erupt from my mind and I was able to give an answer to them based on research on each city.

You are going to find out why they all make the list of the 5 wealthiest cities all over the world.

1. Dubai, UAE


With Dubai economy experiencing a great boom, it will be quite difficult to leave it out of the list. The city major Source of revenue is oil but that has drastically changed as it has been diversified over the years to other sectors.

Dubai covers an area of 1,588 sq mi (4,110 km2) with a population of 3.137 million.

Dubai has GDB of $403.2 billion and that has the propensity to increase yearly due to the growth and development going on in the city.

The infrastructure and many other business hubs are the mainstream of income for the city which makes it one of the wealthiest in the city.

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2. Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is well known as the commercial city of China. You can barely mention some of the wealthiest cities in the world without mentioning China. However, of all the cities there, Shanghai is the only one you can reckon with when it comes to the business aspects.

The city is well known for the production of steel, chemicals and a center of tourism for people from around the world. Shanghai adds value to China as it is situated on 6,340.5 square kilometers with a population of 23 million and GDB of $516.5 billion. It is well known in China as a place for business.

3. Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA

Next city on our list is known as Chicago from the USA. It commands the GDB of $524.6 Billion, situated on 606.1 square kilometers with a population of 2 million. Chicago is known as the home of basketball and it’s the home of Chicago bull.

The city has more to offer more than just basketball and Italian dishes as it hosts some printing and publishing companies that are well known for top and quality work.

4. Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is a place where you will always dream to be. This place has gone through lots that you ever wonder if it’s ever going to rise again. Today it is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. It is known as the city of romance.

Apart from being known as the city of romance, it is the capital of the world when it comes to fashion and all types of clothing.

You get to see fashion designers all over places. Paris is situated on 105.4 square kilometers with a population of 10 million and GDB of $669.2 billion.

5. London, England

London, England

The last one on our list is a well-known city called London. London is located in England which is situated on 1,570 square kilometers with over 8 million populations and GDB of $731.2 billion. London city hosts amazing places where you ever want to be.

If you ever want a city where you will enjoy your time especially during the EPL season, London is the place to be. You get to see how bustle the city will become especially during the London derby match.

With all the city has to itself, it is the destination for many cultures and it as well gives a platform for business which is why it is among the wealthiest today.

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