Top Things to do in Dubai within One Day

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the popular destinations on route to South-east Asia and is easily accessible from neighboring emirates such as Oman or Abu Dhabi. There is so much to do in Dubai and one day is just not enough to cover this beautiful Emirate. However, you can probably cover the main highlights.

What to See in Dubai

The subtle and seductive charms of Dubai could easily be overlooked beneath the mantle of glitz and glamour, which this modern city is often associated with. But uncover the real essence of the Arabic culture by visiting the traditional souks centered on the Dubai Creek, which is the heart of the ancient trading port in Dubai.

The Bedouin culture and heritage has a rich history and you would surely explore it as you go around the city exploring the desert through the red dune safari, the vast and beautiful beaches, gigantic skyscrapers, ice skiing structures, and much more. Dubai is probably the only city where you have access to ice, water, and the desert all in a single location.

Bus Sightseeing Tour

The most time-efficient way of exploring this beautiful Emirate is by getting into the sightseeing bus, this includes the walking tour of Dubai, a Wafi shopping mall discount card, and Arabian dhow cruises. With a flexible itinerary, you can customize the plans as per your own convenience and visit the major landmarks of Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai Creek, the Dubai Museum, and Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s residence and much more. So go ahead, and enjoy your Dubai tours with pomp and celebration.

One Day Dubai Itinerary

If the bus sightseeing tour does not appeal to you and you would want to explore the city on your own, we offer a readymade one day Dubai itinerary. This itinerary covers all the important aspects of the city which you must not miss.


Kick off your morning in Dubai with the adventurous hot-air-balloon flight at sunrise, which would uncover the entire city below your feet. Get panoramic views of the Dubai skyline, and the view of the entire Dubai city from the top is absolutely stunning.

Early morning is the best time to undertake this activity as the afternoon temperatures would make it really tough for someone visiting Dubai for a day. You will be in total awe of the beautiful scenario that you would be witnessing. The tour ends with a scrumptious breakfast in the dunes. You cannot wish to start your day in a more perfect manner. This is a clear favorite among a lot of people during their Dubai tour.


As the sun spreads its warmth on the city, the temperatures soar to unbearable ranges, which would be definitely difficult for, people to adjust. The locals are still finding a way to adjust, so you can imagine the adaptability of the tourists. In such a scenario, it would be best to take advantage of one of the numerous modern air-conditioned malls of Dubai that act as a big relief to beat the extreme temperatures.

The malls in Dubai are a testimony of the opulence, which has flourished in Dubai from the desert sands. The architecture is amazing, the facilities are world-class, and with so many things to do, you will be definitely short of time fulfilling all your desires.

One of the best malls in the city is the Dubai Mall where you can fulfill all your shopping desires as you have endless variety and choices at your disposal. Shopping in Dubai Mall can turn into your favorite pastime seeing the endless brands on display. You can also grab a quick bite in the cafes open in the mall.

As you leave the mall, do check out the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The 828-meter tall building is home to the fastest and the longest distance traveled in a lift. The Burj Khalifa has the observation deck on the 124th floor. The views from the top are mesmerizing as you get a 360° view of the entire Dubai city.


You need to check out the Bastakiya area of Bur Dubai, which is beside the Dubai creek. This is home to the last fragment of the Dubai wall. The restored historical quarter has plenty of options to grab a quick lunch, which provides a wonderful ambiance against the traditional wind-tower buildings.

The buildings in Bur Dubai are traditionally built and the majority of the houses are equipped with wind-towers, which are just waiting to be explored. Apart from this, you will find the Majilis Gallery, which is the oldest commercial art gallery in Dubai. Started off way back in the 1970s, if you are an art lover, then this is a must visit place for you.

Do check out the XVA gallery, this is one of the leading contemporary galleries located in Dubai. As you move ahead, you would reach the Al-Fahidi Street, which is home to the Dubai Museum, a modern museum that has deep insights about the transformation of Dubai before the oil boom. The story is fascinating and you would definitely love knowing this magical transformation.


As you wander the streets of the Dubai creek close to sunset hire an abra, which is a traditional wooden boat from the abra station. The abra station is home to dozens of abras that are constantly crisscrossing the water and are constantly loading and unloading goods from exotic locations.

Indulge on a dhow cruise as the star-studded skylights up the sky. The lights lit up the city in the evening and the ride on the dhow cruise gives you a glimpse of the various modern landmarks of the city. This is one of the best things to indulge in the city and would be the highlight of your Dubai tour.


After checking out the major landmarks via the abra dhow cruise, it is time to rejuvenate your senses by visiting the souks set on the streets of the Dubai Creek. The fragrance of frankincense, perfumes, and spices such as cinnamon is surely going to entice your senses. Apart from the spice souks, you will also find the shining arcades of the gold souk fascinating. You are surely going to be surprised by the prices on offer.

The gold souks have a good variety of diamonds, pearls, and other precious metals on display. Be sure to polish your negotiation skills as they may come handy. Bargaining is a norm, so be free to indulge. You would also find a good variety of Persian carpets and textiles souks, which are quite popular in Dubai. Shopping in Dubai in one of these souks is a sure must, as you may not get things of such fine variety and quality at such reasonable rates.

An important thing to know while planning your one day tour in Dubai is that you would not get one day visa. Instead, you would have to apply for a 7 days Dubai visa, even if you plan to stay only for 24 hours.

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