TikViral: 4 Tips To Edit Videos On TikTok

Tiktok video editing

One of the fabulous things about TikTok is creating short-form videos. You may spend countless hours scrolling through watching TikTok videos. Apart from other social media platforms, TikTok has a higher engagement rate of 18%.

Have you ever thought about what made people scroll through TikTok all the time? It is because of the attraction and aesthetics of the TikTok videos. Are you wondering how to create a video that grabs the attention of millions of eyes? Yes, it is possible by learning the editing features on TikTok.

Luckily in TikTok, you don’t need any professional editing skills. If you are interested in learning design and graphics, you can learn TikTok editing quickly. Moreover, when you edit and post your videos, there are many chances you can win the hearts of the audience.

In addition, if you want to increase your follower count, you can buy tiktok fans and build a strong online presence. To help you get started with your TikTok creator journey, continue reading the article and learn more about the video editing techniques of TikTok. Let’s begin!

How To Edit TikTok Videos?

The editing of TikTok videos starts after the creation. When it comes to editing, you have various options on TikTok. It includes trimming, adding music, adding stickers, speed, including text, color optimization, arrangement of videos, etc.; take time and explore the features one by one for better output of videos. Creators have to spend a lot of time editing their videos.

4 Editing Techniques For Your TikTok Videos

1. Add Captions Or Text

After creating your video, you can add captions to your videos. The captions will explain the contents of a video in short form. Many audiences view the captions before watching the complete video.

TikTok also introduces you to the compelling new option of text-to-speech. For visual impairment creators, the text-to-speech option is quite helpful. The other primary option you could see is on-screen text. You can see a text icon on the video editing page; click on it, and add whatever text you need on the screen.

For example, if you have several steps in your video content, you can explain all the steps in your on-screen text. You can drag on your on-screen text anywhere on the screen. Remember to keep them not overlapping the video person.

If you want only music to be audible on your videos, you can use text to deliver messages. Or else you feel not confident in voiceovers, this could be the best option.

2. Add Music

To make your videos trending on TikTok, you have to add music. Music gives the audience a pleasant feel. In the editing tools, you can see the music option. If you click on it, TikTok will direct you to the music library. Here you can find numerous trending audios.

Click on the one that suits your videos. Remember, you use trending sounds to become more popular. Moreover, if you want to amplify your TikTok performance, you could use TikViral and get a higher level on TikTok.

3. Adjusting Speed

You can create a slow-motion or fast lapse video. An option speed is available with variations like 1x, 2x, 3, 0.25x, and 0.50x. If you click on a particular button, it will automatically change your speed. After changing, you can further edit your videos.

If you want to explain the content of your video elaborately or make people watch it in-depth, you have to slow down.

In another way, if you must convey the entire long video concept in just a few seconds, then go for the brief lapse. An added benefit of slow video is that it may drive more engagement, as people will watch till the end. The drawback is that slow-motion videos are unsuitable for all video types. TikTokkers use it for travel videos mostly.

4. Add Filters

TikTok is presenting creators with a variety of filters and effects. Most of the filters are funny and entertaining. In addition, creators may take advantage of beautifying, enhancing, and color filters. Each filter will give you a different visual appeal. Try using one by one and include the best one.

Similarly, effects are another exciting option in TikTok. When you use AR effects, green-screen filter effects, or interactive quiz effects, it will change the dynamics of your videos. More effects are available like rainbow, rain, flash, glitch, etc. Using these effects, you can quickly make your video appear on the ‘for you page.’


Apart from following the above techniques, to boost your familiarity, you can also try with TikViral and shall reap massive benefits. However, once you post your videos, you cannot edit them. So ensure you save the heavily edited videos as drafts on TikTok.

Moreover, you must check the edited video and its captions twice or thrice before publishing them online. You may lose your ideal followers even if it is a small mistake. We hope this article is helpful, and thank you for reading!

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