5 Tips to Upgrading Your Truck For the Spring

Upgrading Your Truck

Spring has arrived, and you’re ready to drive your truck around town. If it’s been out of commission for the winter, though — or if it’s been a while since you scheduled routine maintenance — it’s a good idea to invest in a few upgrades. The following five upgrades can make your truck safer, more stylish, and ready for spring.

1. Check your brakes

Some people report that their brakes wear out more quickly in the winter, so it’s vital that you check yours before embarking on any springtime driving excursions. There are many components that comprise brakes for cars, though, and it’s important to check each part.

You should start by looking at your brake pads to ensure that they aren’t too worn and confirm that your brake fluid isn’t running low, too. If you notice telltale signs like squeaking when you stop, you probably need to invest in new brakes.

Safety Is Key

Check your tires. Brakes aren’t the only part of your car that might need replacement come spring. Your tires are also susceptible to wear and tear, so it’s important to check them and see if they need replacement.

You will typically need to replace tires every six years, but you may need to rotate them sooner than that — every 7,500 miles, usually.

You should also inspect the tread of the tires to measure how worn it is. You can do this by putting a penny in the tire’s groove and assessing how visible Lincoln’s head is. If Lincoln’s head is mostly visible, your tread is likely too low.

2. Prevent falls in wet weather

With winter gone, you might assume that bad weather has passed, but spring often brings rain that can be nearly as treacherous as snow. If you have a truck or another kind of vehicle that features a high clearance from the ground, it can be difficult to safely enter and exit when it’s raining.

You risk stumbling, slipping, or falling. Installing one of the best nerf bars can prevent this by providing extra traction and stability to your step.

Prepare for Rain

3. Protect your flat bed

Truck drivers know just how important it is to protect their flat bed. You need to keep it secure and ensure that it isn’t vulnerable to inclement weather, including rain.

Your bed probably has specialized drainage channels to prevent standing water, but you can invest in further protection with waterproof bed covers for trucks. Bed covers create a barrier between your bed and the rain so that its contents stay safe and dry.

4. Inspect windshield wipers

As spring showers arrive, it’s imperative that you inspect your windshield wipers and replace them if necessary. Many people are unaware of the fact that wipers should be replaced about once a year.

Indeed, the blades may last longer than a year, but the rubber component is susceptible to degradation. They may even degrade more rapidly if you happen to live in a climate that’s colder.

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