TOEFL: Preparing with Certbolt Test Prep Courses and Assessing Your Academic English Skills with the Best Standardized Exam


TOEFL is a trademark of the ETS (Educational Testing Service) and is a paper-based or Internet-based standardized test. The student’s skills and knowledge measured by thiscertbolt exam include reading, listening, writing, and speaking of the English language.

It was introduced in 1964 and now offers 4 programs for learners of all ages. The purpose of this test is to assess the non-native English speakers’ proficiency in the English language. It all starts with the individuals aged 8+ and goes up to the students of various universities.

In this article, we will talk about the TOEFL iBT certbolt exam that is an ideal option for those who want to get in one of the universities in more than 150 countries that include Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, as well as across Asia and Europe.

Description of TOEFL Sections

The TOEFL Certbolt test is available in the English language only and is offered at a fee of $160 or more depending on which country you are taking it. It consists of 4 sections, including Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

The very first area that you will have to cover is Reading and it offers you about 30-40 questions that you need to answer within 54-72 minutes. You will have 3-4 pages with each page consisting of 10 questions, which you should read before responding to the questions.

Listening is the second section that will be waiting for you. Usually, it is 5-7 pages with each page containing 5-6 questions. All in all, you will get about 28-39 questions to answer within 41-57 minutes. After these two parts, you will have a break for 10 minutes and then proceed to the Speaking section.

The allocated time for it is 17 minutes and you will be given 4 tasks where you need to discuss the material you read or listened to and talk about familiar topics. Writing is the last portion of the whole certbolt test and you will get 50 minutes for it. There are two tasks, so you have to read a passage, then listen to a recording, and also type your response.

Benefits of Passing TOEFL

The reason why many people choose to take the TOEFL certbolt test is that passing it comes with a lot of benefits. First of all, it gives you an opportunity to enter those colleges and universities where the English language is required. It is accepted and recognized by many English-speaking professional and academic institutions.

Secondly, a high TOEFL score helps you stand out confidently in English. For this reason, it will help the establishments know that the candidates are ready and able to succeed. Also, this is the only exam that assesses all four academic English skills – writing, speaking, listening, and reading – just the way they are normally used in a classroom. Thus, the score provides a true reflection of the individuals’ abilities.

Preparation Options for TOEFL

As for the preparation process for the TOEFL, the students can choose to prepare for the test by enrolling for live classes, completing online courses, signing up for private tutoring, or choosing self-paced study. Several companies offer online training at affordable prices for all interested individuals.

They also provide exam dumps and other resources, including certbolt practice tests and sample questions. Those learners who opt for private tutoring typically benefit from one-on-one guidance. The tutors will also measure their readiness by giving them practice questions.


To ensure your success in the TOEFL Certbolt test, learn all the details of this exam, including its format and the skills measured. Take practice tests and use braindumps to make your prep process dynamic and efficient.Thorough study will bring you the score you want.

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