Top 5 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Companies Worldwide

Wastewater Treatment

The best definition of industrial wastewater treatment is the methods and procedures utilised to handle wastewater produced by industry as an unwanted by-product. After treatment, the industrial wastewater or effluent may be discharged or recycled into surface water or a sanitary sewer.

Industrial wastewater is a by-product of industrial or commercial operations, to put it simply. Industries that generate wood, paper, metals, petroleum, lubricants, and those useful grabber tools you use out of the garbage disposal are the biggest users of water.

A ranking of the world’s top industrial wastewater treatment firms

The world’s top wastewater treatment businesses are listed below.

1. Cleanawater

In Melbourne, Cleanawater first started selling wastewater treatment systems. Today, the company dominates the Australian market for designing water treatment systems as well as manufacturing, installing, and maintaining wastewater treatment facilities.

Their prestigious wastewater treatment systems are designed for efficiency, economy, and usability. That covers products that are pre-approved by all significant water authorities, both bespoke and off-the-shelf.

2) Veolia Environment

Veolia Environment, a leading global provider of environmental services, water and wastewater, waste management, energy, and transportation services, is based in the suburbs of Paris, France. What They Offer: Water supply and management, waste management, energy, and transport services. The company, through its Veolia Water Technologies subsidiary, designs and builds drinking water production and wastewater treatment plants worldwide for municipal and industrial clients, in addition to producing filtration and media equipment.

3) Suez Environment

Water management, recycling and trash recovery, water treatment, and consulting services are all offered by the French utility company SUEZ. Water Europe, Recycling and Recovery Europe, International, and other segments are its four business divisions. The business offers waste collection and treatment services, including sorting, collection, composting, recycling, energy recovery, and landfilling for hazardous and non-hazardous waste to local authorities and industrial clients. It also offers water distribution and treatment services to individuals, businesses, and local governments.

In addition to other places, Suez is geographically present in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

What They Offer: Waste management, wastewater treatment, and water supply.

4) ITT Corporation

ITT Corporation (ITT) manufactures specialised parts for the industrial, aerospace, transportation, and energy sectors. This company’s water technology division is known as Xylem Inc. Xylem is a manufacturer, designer, and provider of engineered solutions for applications involving water and wastewater.

ITT does business through the three business segments of Sensus, Applied Water, and Water Infrastructure. The business prioritizes expansion in the areas of treatment, transportation, dewatering, and analytics. Additionally, it provides services to the residential, agricultural, and food and beverage industries.

What They Offer: They provide water, process wastewater, and provide pumps and other equipment to handle toxic water

5) United Utilities

North West Water and Norweb merged to form the United Utilities Group, which was thereafter established. The business offers water and wastewater services in England’s North West. Additionally, the business offers services for financing and property management. Europe is where it is geographically present. Water supply and sewage treatment are what they provide.


These water treatment businesses are very important to our society. With an expansion in economic activity, fresh, clean water has become essential for daily living. These businesses make sure to supply us with clean water as well as treat dirty water so that it may be recycled and used again.

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