Top 6 Cruises to Celebrate the New Year in Dubai

Cruises to Celebrate new year in dubai

Are you planning to take a luxury cruise for this New Year’s Eve in Dubai? Well, you are in luck as we have picked 6 cruises that you and your family will love.

They offer the right atmosphere to you to enjoy and to share a peaceful time with your loved ones. Are you curious to know more? Let us get started.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Want to celebrate your New Year’s Eve stylishly? Then this is the cruise you should be going for. The new year dinner cruise Dubai takes on the water near Dubai Marina and what a wonderful sight to treat your eyes to.

You get to see iconic locations such as Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina Mall, Burj Khalifa, and many more. Sailing on tranquil waters while the moon bathes the ads a shade of silvery blue colour to the waters.

Guests will be treated to a host of entertaining activities such as the Belly Dance and Tanoura Dance show performed by local artists. You will also be treated to an elaborate dibber consisting of BBQ dishes for both vegetarians and non -vegetarians.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Usher in the spirit of the New Year with this Dinner cruise that departs from Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek is a splendid place with a lot of natural beauty.

You will get served with a fabulous dinner buffet, prepared by expert chefs. The cruise ship has two decks the upper deck is an open-air deck where you can stand and get a good view of the surroundings, you can also take pictures here.

If you are an Instagramer then you can also create your mini reels and get tons of likes from your followers.

Lotus Mega Yacht

The Lotus Mega Yacht is your chance to party like a celebrity on New Year’s Eve. So, slip on your swanky clothes and step onboard thisluxury cruise for a partyyou will never forget.

The service on this cruise is top-notch, as you will be greeted with a lot of warmth by the crew, who will also serve you unlimited refreshments at your table. You will catch a grand view of Ain Dubai which is situated on the Bluewater Islands.

The Buffet dinner is the best part about this cruise, as a food lover, you are going to be treated to a plethora of options as the menu is completely exclusive for the occasion. The dessert section is equally impressive.

While you are sampling the food do check out the live cooking stations too, the chef manning the station will tweak your favorite dish making it even more special.

Private Yacht

This option is the best when you do not want to party with the general public in crowded places. You might be a person who does not like getting pushed and shoved to eat bad-catered food.

So, you can rent new year yacht party in Dubai and have a private party with an exclusive group of friends. You can also plan your own menu and entertainment. There are several boat rentals in Dubai so just look up a few names and book the one with the highest rating.

Alexandra Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

This is another cruise that you should not miss out on, you get to step onto a traditional wooden boat with a Bedouin design. The ship will sail all over Dubai Creek giving you a wonderful glimpse of the surroundings.

You will also be treated to a buffet dinner consisting of exclusive food just for the occasion. Relax as you sail by the coastline while feasting your eyes on the iconic buildings that Dubai is so famous for.

Luxury Dinner Cruise In Dubai Canal

There is no other way to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in style, but by signing up for a Canal Cruise In Dubai. The food is excellent and will leave your tastebuds craving for more. You will also be treated to music and dance performances on board this cruise.

These 6 cruises offer you the best value for your money at all times. You get to witness the magnificent fireworks that light up the night sky in Dubai, this is ideal for developing a bit of positivity that will help you appreciate the good things that life will get you in the future.

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