Top 10 Golf Equipment You Need Most

Golf Realistic Set

Golf is an interesting game that requires dozens of equipment to play. While playing in a 9 round or 18 round golf, every golfer loves to use those pieces of golf equipment according to their needs and preferences.

Though it’s a big list of this equipment, there are also some top and most required equipment amongst them. Today our topic is to highlight those. Stay with us to make sure you have them on your course or know their usage before starting.

Golf Clubs

The equipment that is significantly required to strike the golf ball is golf clubs. Grip, shaft, and clubhead are three parts of a golf club. There are 6 types of golf clubs in a golfer’s bag – driver, iron, fairway wood, hybrid, wedge, and putter. Each club is different from others for its designs and usages.

You can use them according to your needs. For example, drivers and irons are used to tee off or to hit long shots. Hybrids are used for higher shots, wedges for bunkers, and putters for putt shots on the green. Most golfers prefer to use the clubs PGA tour players play with.

Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf club

To improve your overall game performance, you need to improve your swing first. And to know your swing and overall data feedback, a golf swing analyzer is the first piece of golf equipment you should have. A swing analyzer monitors your swing data by using its sensors.

Once you learn how to use this device, you will know how you should swing and whether you need to increase your swing speed or not. So make sure you pick the best golf swing analyzer from which you can expect an effective outcome.

Golf Simulator

The system which allows you to play golf in a complete home setup is known as golf simulators. To play golf throughout the year regardless of weather, golf simulators are second to none. A golf simulator is not a piece of equipment, rather it’s a set of golf equipment.

There is a launch monitor, projector, software, large screen, hitting net, mat, and so on in a golf simulator. You can play either with the whole setup or just with a few materials like the hitting net or mobile launch monitor. If you are interested in playing golf at home, learn about these best home golf simulators for every need and budget.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are one of the essential pieces of golf equipment that connect a golfer with the ground. A pair of golf shoes ensure how safe you are in a round of golf and how comfortable you feel while playing. To have a flexible and stable swing, you need to check what quality shoes you are wearing.

Golf shoes have variety in their designs and quality. Some are spiked, some spikeless; the others are waterproof golf shoes, and so on. A good pair of shoes gives a good grip and balance on the ground. Make sure you are using fitted and comfortable golf shoes.

Golf Bags

Golf shoes

In a 9 or 18 round golf, golfers walking a distance require carrying their golf clubs and other equipment. Here comes a golf bag. It’s top golf equipment that holds other equipment.

There are many branded golf bags with different colors and designs.They are also categorized into many types such as stand bags, disc golf bags, tour bags, cart bags, waterproof bags, etc. Use the one that fits your choice and style.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are essential equipment of golf without which you cannot play. It’s aspecial kind of ball made of plastic & rubber crafted for playing golf. A golf ball is the only piece of golf equipment you need to hit in each shot.

Golf balls are designed so that golfers can select according to their golf handicap. They can be two-piece or multi-layered. Those golf balls are popular now and constructed with rubber or liquid core, although once wood-made balls were favorite golfers.

Golf GPS

Golf GPS is another significant piece of golf equipment that locates your position while playing on a golf course. This device tracks every pinpoint data you need to hit the next shots. For example, where you are, where your target is, how to hit to reach your target in the fastest way, and so on.

You need a golf GPS to measure your distance and increase your confidence accurately. Because if you get accurate data, you can be confident enough to hit the next shot better than the previous one. Golf GPS provides data of the whole golf course, including the ball yardage and bunker.

Golf Umbrella

It’s natural to face the hot sun or sometimes rain in an 18 round golf. So if you are sensitive to the sun, you will probably want to get rid of heat. So here comes a golf umbrella. These are made especially for golfers.

A golf umbrella protects you from wind or UV rays. Not only this, even if it rains too much during a golf course, an umbrella is the first piece of equipment you need to protect your golf bag and other equipment from getting wet and being ruined.

Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves

To enjoy any game, comfort comes first. If you are comfortable with what you use to play, success cannot escape from you. The same thing goes for golf. Golf gloves are such significant golf equipment that makes you feel comfortable when you grip the club.

Golf gloves work as a protection of your hands from slipping in sweat or being squeezed. The primary purpose of golf gloves is to give you a good grip. And a good grip can ensure a good swing. Interestingly, the right-handed golfers use gloves in their left hand and the left-handed players in their right hand.

Golf Grips

Though golf grips are part of golf clubs, they are essential to holding the club properly. And did you know that grip is the only piece of golf equipment a golfer touch? There are three types of grips – interlocking, overlapping, and 10-finger grips.

Usually, a golf grip is made of rubber and used on the top of the club shaft. Grip sizes are essential to know because it tells you whether you should hit low or high. Make sure a golf grip is giving you a smooth feel and fits you most before buying one.

Final Words

There is a lot of golf equipment a golfer needs to play golf. Yet, some pieces of equipment are most required and also demanded. Among them, the equipment mentioned above is our top pick. Our long-time research and analysis helped us find these 10.

What equipment do you already have? And what equipment do you think you should buy after reading the article? Share your thoughts with us.

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