Know Your Cup: 5 Types of Coffee Drinks to Perk Your Day Up

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Have you just discovered the delightful taste of coffee? Is your system craving for that distinct flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans? Would you want to know which types of coffee drinks you can go for if you want to perk up your day?

From dark roast coffee to using the best single-origin coffee beans, we’ve rounded up a list of the most popular coffee drinks to tantalize your taste buds.

Best Brews

Coffee is said to be a heavenly brew that awakens your senses. Some people cannot even function and start their day without having their daily caffeine dose. While others may grab a coffee in the morning, others don’t seem to mind what hour it is as long as they quench their thirst with their favorite cuppajoe.

Drinking coffee has many advantages. There are plenty of science-backed reasons that support the benefits it brings to those who consume it. Aside from being an excellent energy source, drinking coffee can also improve mood, memory, and other brain functions.

Other observational studies also note the positive effects of coffee on burning fat, boosting one’s metabolic rate, and lowering the risk of some health conditions like type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

Putting these health benefits aside, some people are just happy to have a cup of coffee in hand simply because it tastes great. Good thing that these days, more and more people can enjoy premium coffee at home. You can now easily and conveniently order high-quality coffee online.

There are also plenty of choices when it comes to flavors and blends. There are rich and velvety blends punctuated with the taste of molasses or exotic ones with floral notes.

Others would want to enjoy the flavor without the caffeine, so they just go for decaf like a smooth Ethiopian blend with a hint of caramel. You can take coffee freshly brewed or if you want to craft something fancy for yourself or others, you may even take barista classes.

But before you go concocting, brew coffee at home that can rival any five-star café, you should familiarize yourself with the basic types of coffee drinks first. Here are some that you can sink your teeth into, or more aptly, take a sip of:

1. Americano

An Americano is one of the most popular drinks out there. It’s a shot of espresso diluted with water. It has a similar strength to brewed coffee, but differs in flavor. The taste varies on the number of espresso shots used and the water volume it is diluted with.

Americano, or Caffè Americano, is the Italian term for American coffee. Some say that during World War 2, American soldiers used water to ration the scarce espresso then. Now that you know how that happened, here’s how you can make it:

Baristas add a considerable amount of water to the espresso, making it weaker and giving you a bigger cup of coffee. When you prepare it at home, pour the espresso first, then add the same water ratio next.

2. Affogato

“I scream for ice cream!” And coffee? Why not?

Yes, that’s a thing. Affogato comes from Italy and consists of two ingredients only: ice cream and coffee. The name itself is translated in Italian to mean “drowned.” It’s literally drowning your scoop of ice cream (usually vanilla) in a shot of espresso or two.

While espresso is often used as the base, some add a shot of amaretto or other alcoholic beverage forms. To make this dessert and coffee in one, prepare a chilled cup. Add a scoop of ice cream and immediately pour a double-shot of espresso. Top with nuts, berries, crushed biscotti, mini-mallows, or whatever tickles your fancy.

3. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is a milk-based coffee that may be served hot, iced, with cream, and many other variations. It is made up of espresso and two types of milk – steamed and foamed. Since it has lower acidity and caffeine concentrations, it’s an excellent option for an evening sip.

Cappuccino is prepared with the help of an espresso machine. Espresso is poured first into the cup, followed by a proportionate amount of steamed milk, then topped with milk foam. A lot of baristas also add latte art, where they decorate the top with creative drawings.

4. Espresso

As you may have noticed, most coffee drinks start with espresso as the base. The taste only varies with the number of espresso shots, and the amount of water or milk added.

A lot of coffee-drinkers enjoy the intense jolt of caffeine they get when they order an espresso. It’s typically served in smaller portions because it is more robust and thicker than other brews.

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Coffee of any origin and roast may be used to make espresso. To make a cup, coffee beans are ground to a finer consistency, firmly tamped into the porta filter, and near-to-boiling water is forced through the coffee using an espresso machine.

5. Latte

A latte has the milkiest aroma among all milk-based coffees. Compared to a cappuccino, it has more milk and less foam. In contrast to café au lait, a latte is made of a shot or two of espresso and adding about five to six ounces of steamed milk. Café au lait uses brewed coffee and scalded milk.

This drink gave birth to the latte art trend where baristas create artistic designs on top of the foam either by using the etching method or the free-pouring technique.

Comfort in a Cup

A cup of coffee can bring comfort, especially on days when you need an extra boost of energy. It can be a trusty perk-me-up drink during all-nighters or a tasty companion to any dessert or meal. With the selections available, it is easy to create a brew that best suits your taste.

Whatever coffee drink you favor, it’s vital to choose premium beans first. And whether it’s single origin, blends or rare types of coffee, bear in mind that it’s always better to buy from coffee suppliers who apply sustainable practices from sourcing to processing. This way, you help Mother Earth and get to enjoy great coffee every day.

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