6 Important Types of Content For Any Business

types of content

Content, as you know, is one of the most important parts of any Digital Campaign. No online business would be able to survive without content.

You might question this fact but even if you are writing a simple social media post, then it is a piece of content. Companies ignored this fact for years and they focused on promotional marketing where they tried to force products and services.

Get in the shoes of an avid online user and take a look at the online world. You will find hundreds if not thousands of advertisements all over the Internet. The only thing lets you breathe properly is the Content that is delivered in between those ads.

People use social media ad other similar platforms to connect, learn, share information. And if a company focuses so much on promotional tactics then it will lose credibility soon.

This article is here to throw some light on 5 important types of content for any business. These are the types that will power your digital campaigns and will take you the better side of online marketing. Continue reading the article and see if you as a user ever interacted with one of them or not.

1. Blog Articles

This is one of the most common types of content and most of you might already be aware of it. Still, there are companies who are reluctant to start writing some. A Blog is simply an online journal that gets updated with new content on a regular basis.

It is used by almost every company to share content at a large scale and reach people who are eagerly looking for some industry-relevant knowledge. Millions of people use Search Engines to find information online and they land on one or the other blog to get their answers.

You can ignore starting a blog and that would cause no effect to the ecosystem because your competitors have already started one.

2. E-Books

An E-Book is a digital guide generally focused on an individual topic. Companies use them as a lead magnet, they give them away for free to get hold on the contact details of potential clients. People easily get attracted towards a knowledge packed E-Book and you can convert them in near future as per your funnel.

The main thing here that matters is the quality of your content and the topic that you chose to write on. Not all the topics in your niche will be that important for people to share their details in return. So, sit back with your team, decide on some topics and create something valuable.

3. Infographics

Infographics, as the name suggests are the graphics which are created to represent information visually. It is a known fact that visual content is much more appealing then textual one. With the increasing use of picture sharing websites like Instagram, Pinterest, etc, the focus on Infographics also seen a spike.

Another amazing thing about infographics is that they are easy to share. If you have got a piece of infographic with valuable insights then it may go viral on the Internet. You don’t even need much resources to create them and tools like Canva can easily be used to create one in minutes.

If you want some inspiration then just search for relevant infographics on Google and you will find many. Choose trending topics to increase user engagement.

4. Micro Videos

When we say micro videos, we really mean it. They are smaller videos focusing on a single topic of interest and have got the capability of going viral on social media networks. Many of the companies are now trying their hands on creating niche specific short videos.

Topic that you choose, quality of your videos, platform that you are working on, etc play a great role in the success of a micro video campaign. You just need a camera, script and place to shoot your video as they don’t require much of editing and all.

5. Podcast

A podcast is just like a blog but instead of articles you share audio files. Podcasts were ignored for years and finally after so many years they are getting much attention. Many companies have started their own podcast to connect with people all around the world.

If you will compare them with Video content then podcasts need a bit less resources for setting it up. You don’t require costly cameras or lighting equipment to start recording one. All you need is a place with no distraction and you can record one right away.

6. Online Courses

You ever had a thought 5 years ago that companies would courses to market their products and services?

Companies like HubSpot, Yoast, ahrefs are taking full advantage of online learning scenario. They are providing their courses for free in order to attract a larger audience. The main focus for them is to attract as many people as they can with the help of course content.

This surely requires some kind of efforts and is not as easy as the other types were. You might even require a team of people to help you create an informational course. Don’t just choose a random topic and start creating course videos. Give it some time and come up with some amazing course topics to work on.

So, these were some important and popular types of content that are working amazingly for businesses. Focus on creating good quality content based on the types shared above.

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