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What To Do If Your Uber Account Gets Waitlisted

Uber drivers often complain about waitlisted status. It means Uber has put your account on hold, and you cannot use its app.

However, after you find out why it has happened and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue, you can again drive your vehicle as an Uber driver. 

If you think that you have always followed the rules and the company has put your account on hold for no reason, check this list to figure out why Uber account get waitlisted. It may help you take corrective action to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Expired Documents

Uber requires you to provide personal and vehicle documents when opening an account. It includes your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and other documents.

If one of your documents has expired, the company will immediately put your account on hold. 

You need to upload the updated documents to get your account off the waitlist. But before you submit the document, make sure that it is not incorrect, illegible, and replete with incomplete information.

Your account might get deactivated because of that.

Passengers Think You Are the Wrong Driver

Uber always does a background check on its drivers. It is to ensure that passengers reach their destination safely and without any safety issues. So you cannot ask someone else to drive the vehicle on your behalf. 

The person who is on the driver’s account should be behind the wheel. If passengers think that someone else is driving the vehicle, they can report that to Uber. And it will get your account waitlisted. 

Sometimes you might get in trouble due to mistaken identity – you were driving your vehicle, but passengers thought you were someone else.

If your account is on hold because of that, you can ask Uber to verify your identity. They will do that and activate your account once they determine that you were the one driving the vehicle.


Accidents are one of the common reasons why an Uber account gets waitlisted. After the accident, if a passenger files a report against you — even if you were not directly involved — your account will get waitlisted.

When that happens, you cannot do much but wait for Uber to complete its investigation. If the investigation finds you innocent, you will be able to drive again.

And when you are involved in an accident, make sure that everyone is safe, and if needed, inform police and paramedics immediately. You must also contact Uber and inform the driver support team about what happened.

If you have a dashcam or any other camera, make sure to provide copies of the recording to the police as well as to Uber, as this will help speed up the investigation. 

Presence of Additional Passenger

Uber does not allow its drivers to pick up passengers on the street when there is a paid passenger in their vehicles. Your account will get waitlisted if you do that. 

You cannot drive for Uber if you violate one of Uber’s community guidelines. Make sure that you are aware of them. There are multiple reasons why an Uber account gets waitlisted. 

It may be due to expired documents, accidents, customer complaints, miscommunication, or anything else, but Uber will not waitlist your account without a valid reason.

First, get in touch with Uber to find out why you’ve been waitlisted. Then, take the necessary remedial actions, and resolve the issue. 

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