Top 5 Creative Ways You Can Use Instagram Stories In Your Marketing

Use Instagram Stories In Your Marketing

It was famous before and has become all the rage since the lockdown started. With content and stories from everywhere in the world and with a high engagement value, Instagram stories are changing how businesses are advertised and marketed.

It demands idealistic and cheery content which does not exceed a time window of 15 seconds. So you need to be innovative and engaging with your content and in this article, we will tell you how to do exactly this.

1. Engage

According to science, the attention span of the average person ranges from 8 seconds to 12 seconds at best when it comes to consuming content online.

You need to utilize the attention span as much as you can to tell people about your product or service. It needs proper marketing tools. Curated for catering the short attention spans, Instagram stories are perfect for marketing your brand.

It makes the audience’s engagement with your product/ service easier to view, reply to, and share. Stories About You acts as a content aggregator by bringing together all stories where you have been mentioned in one place.

You need to engage your potential customers through upbeat marketing ideas and InVideo will help you with that. The video maker comes with free Instagram ad templates to assist your ideas in fashioning a story to engage your audience without coming across as boorish.

2. Inform

It is primary to keep your audience informed about what you have to offer and what is new with your brand. You can use your Instagram account to tell people more about you. Inform people about when to find you, where to find you, your new achievements, or even a new logo for brand identity.

Inform audiences about new arrivals, the launch of new products, offers, and limited times sales to keep them on the loop about your Instagram growth.

Instagram stories live the life of a mayfly. They stay for 24 hours, thus becoming a perfect marketing tool to create excitement, urgency, and exclusivity. Instagram has inbuilt marketing features which help you reach your target audience without fail.

The best part of marketing with Instagram is that you have a plethora of features at your disposal to create engaging content. You can use hashtags for better reach, the countdowns for limited period offers, and loads of options in stickers and GIFs to jazz up the content.

3. Entertain

You want your story to be fun and informative and thus need to entertain your audience to keep people’s attention on your story for a longer time. Tell your audiences what you do to give them what they want.

Tell them why your practices are the best in terms of work and business ethics. Instagram stories could be your way of telling them why they need you and why you need them- all in a fun and engaging manner.

You have to be creative to keep them interested and entertained so that they are compelled to hear your story. Spice the story up with music, relatable GIFs, or even influencer collaborations.

4. Advertise

Instagram marketing tools provide promotions and advertisement aids that are easy to use and are also highly effective. Business accounts can easily track posts which are ads.

It also gives a premium review of the branded content ad’s performance so as to enable you to understand the demand of the audience and make more engaging content than before.

Instagram’s business account also comes with additional advertisement features where you can directly create advertisements and also use it to engage with the audience on Facebook.

You can start ad campaigns in the ads manager of Instagram. InVideo’s video maker has pre-designed templates and ideas in case you require them. Also, its dynamic templates give the best possible freedom for your content to flow in the direction you want.

It gives you options such as marketing posters for the post, sale stories, and posts and amplifies your brand, making it the best online ad maker available.

5. Interaction

Giving the audience an insight into what happens in your office, the effort which goes into providing the service or creating the product they use can go a long way in engaging them to become potential customers. Interactive stories are very important in this.

Instagram stories come laden with multiple possibilities of interacting with your audiences. Take your pick from options like creating a challenge, launching a poll, asking questions, or participating in a quiz.

Instagram stories when used right, are hence an important avenue for you to explore and utilize simple, appealing, and powerful marketing strategies.

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