When Do You Need to Visit an Orthodontist for Your Kid in Las Vegas?


As per reports, an average person in the US consumes around 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day. With the growing intake of sweet products like soft drinks, cereals, candies, and others, the need for maintaining dental health is increasing amongst the American population.

Consequently, stats show that around 65% of third-graders in Las Vegas have tooth decay. Orthodontic treatment works on individuals of all ages. However, most orthodontic patients are still kids or teenagers in their early years of adolescence.

Orthodontic treatments are prevalent procedures among children because they can fully develop their smiles and enhance their overall facial appearance. Here are some dental signs that you need to visit a Las Vegas orthodontics specialist:

Clicking Sound When Your Kid Opens or Closes His Mouth

If you often hear a clicking sound coming from your kid’s mouth whenever they open or close it, then this could be a sign that something is wrong with the way their teeth are positioned. Because of thumb-sucker habits, your child might have misaligned teeth, making their teeth slide out.

Las Vegas orthodontics experts can correct misaligned teeth by using braces, headgear, or retainers. These treatments are usually outpatient procedures that do not require patients to spend the night in a hospital.

If your child is experiencing dental pain, redness, or stiffness in the jaw area, then it would be best to see an orthodontist as soon as possible. This could be a sign of early tooth decay when food particles are stuck between teeth and gums.

Experts can prevent early tooth decay by removing food particles and tartar buildup in the tooth. You can also treat it with fluoride treatments and good oral hygiene practices, which help prevent the condition from occurring again.

If You Notice Your Kid Is Becoming Shy and Less Social

Does your child seem to lose interest in doing things they used to enjoy? If so, consider visiting an orthodontist because the reason behind this behavior might be the poor appearance of their teeth.

A beautiful smile contributes a lot to building up natural confidence and self-esteem in a person.

Orthodontists can correct a patient’s oral appearance from inherited traits, such as a protruding jawline and crowded teeth. These corrective procedures can enhance your kid’s smile in three to six months after the treatment starts.

If Your Kid Has a Hard Time Chewing and Biting Food

Misaligned teeth may make it difficult for your child to cut or tear their food correctly. If you notice that your child has been struggling with cutting meat, crunching carrots, or breaking apart a sandwich, this could be a sign of misaligned teeth, which orthodontists can treat.

If Your Kid Has Visible Gaps Between Their Teeth or Jawline

While these are considered normal stages in tooth development, children with prominent front teeth usually become the subject of bullying among their peers. This can affect their self-esteem. Fortunately, orthodontists can correct young children’s teeth by using braces or headgear.

If You Notice That Your Kid’s Two Front Teeth Are Not Growing in Straight

If your child has a gap between their two front teeth, it could affect their self-confidence. Not only that, but this condition could also cause them to develop speech impediments because of the difficulty in pronouncing specific words.

Orthodontists can correct misaligned teeth by using braces or headgear. This corrective procedure will start after your child has finished teething and their permanent maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth have grown in.

Final Thoughts

These are just some dental signs that you need to visit an orthodontist for your kid. You can treat these conditions quickly by using corrective procedures to change the way they look and feel about their smile.

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