Great Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Visit to a Beauty Clinic

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You are getting back to enjoying a full and active life as we gradually feel the benefit of the lifting of the restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was a stressful time for many. You had to work from home but are now back to the daily routine in the office.

One slight bonus from home working is that you saved some money and now want to pamper yourself with a visit to After all, looking fresh and beautiful is essential towards fulfilling a healthy and happy life.

There are many reasons why visiting a high-quality beauty clinic will deliver exactly what you are looking for. A beauty expert will be able to suggest the correct skincare and therapies available. Some of the treatments available are as follows.

• Sagging skin often circulates around the chin thanks to a build up of fat and resulting in the weakening of the jawline. Ulthera, is the use of ultrasound technology that reduces wrinkles by tightening up the skin. As well the neck area, it is also effective around the face and forehead and on the abdomen and chest.

Ultraformer III is new technology at the most modern clinics that lifts the skin and breaks down the fat underneath to tighten the skin.

• Acne and scarring from acne can be alleviated by laser treatment that will tighten the skin pores which transmit energy to create new skin cells which in turn produce collagen.

• Massage therapy for the face through cleansing, exfoliating the skin, and the application of a Bio-Cellulose Hydrating Mask will make your skin look soft, moisturised, and bright. Using cold, vitamins to mask the skin is another technique to rejuvenate that youthful look.

Perhaps your expert beautician may suggest the use of a radio frequency machine to push vitamins under the skin. Whichever treatment you select, you will soon be gathering admiring glances.

• Maybe you have a stopover on a flight in Dubai and fancy some of the beauty salon packages available so you look at your best at your destination.

• Laser treatment is used if you wish to lose dark spots for a clearer skin. By stimulating collagen in the skin, the pores tighten which removes moles, flecks and permanent hair guaranteeing a smoother skin.

• If you are looking to reduce the waistline, then cryogenic fat dissolution can be administered to send waves that will eliminate fat cells. You can look in wonderful shape following treatment for an evening at the theatre.

• The injection of Botox, or Botulinum toxin, will relax muscles in the face and forehead to smooth out lines and common wrinkles such as frown lines and crow’s feet. Newer forms of Botox can also be used to reduce sweat and odours under the arms or calves which sees size reduced but muscles grow. Lipofat sees an injection dissolve fat around various points of the body.

A visit to a beauty clinic will see you looking fresh and beautiful in no time to ensure you always feel confident and at your best.

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