35 Ways to be Nice to People and Stay Happy Everyday

35 Ways to be Nice to People and Stay Happy Everyday

Being nice to people is something that makes us happy from inside out. Believe me, it’s not any type of personality, but it a kind of choice that you make for your own happiness and for others.

But is it possible to be nice to everyone you know?  I would say yes it is but only if you will stay away from the toxic people around you.

There are very few good heart people who will think and care about you. So, to be nice every day you need some patient, start thinking about other people, and follow some good habits.

And if you are the one who is also struggling to be nice to people you know and even you don’t know, here are the top 35 ways that you need to follow.

Here are 35 Ways to be nice to people and stay happy.

1. Be punctual

Being punctual is something that shows how you care about other’s time. Don’t make people waiting for you. Be on your time always.

2. Don’t be critical

Trust me it doesn’t make you smarter, it only devalues you. Instead of cruising people, understand and mentor them. Always remember the one famous quote “When someone trying to bring you down, it only means you are higher than”

3. Be less judgmental

Think before you judge someone. Before judging another person, make sure you know all about him/her. We all are different and have different ways of thinking, doing and behaving.

It only makes you heavy and dense, if you still find it hard to let go, here is the meditation to letting go of Judgments.

4. Keep Smiling

Did you know that a smile actually works as a mood booster? When we smile, it activates neural messaging in our brain and helps you and others feel better. Smile is actually attractive and healthy. It can even turn your enemies in your well-wishers.

5. Laugh more

Laugh more

There is no better medicine than laughing. After a good laugh, everyone feels better. Smiling and laughing has a lot of positive effects on our health.

Laughing is linked with your heart health, emotions, lower stress, heal depression, and make you more attractive. Not only this laughing has a lot more health benefits and there are 1000s of reasons to laugh.

6. Don’t talk about yourself much

Talking about only yourself will not make you smart enough in front of others. Be a good listener too. There might be many things that you can learn by listening to others. Show your interest in other people, their interest and some real-life examples.

7. Show your interest in others

This act will make you a humble person and develop positive thinking about you in others’ minds. Be an understanding person, listen to others and offer solutions for their problem will make you a better and nice person.

8. Listen and ask

A great coach always asks, listen and empathize. There is no point in asking the question if you haven’t listened carefully. And if you have to listen to it and didn’t understand, show your curiosity. Don’t stop asking questions until you got your point

9. Be able to laugh at yourself

Actually it’s one of the hardest skills. But if you want to stay happy in your life? Learn to laugh at yourself. It can boost your mental health. This also makes you an optimistic person.

10. Say please and thank you

There are no benefits of talking rudely to someone. Instead, learn to say please and thank you. This will make you a nice person in from of others. Do this for me or can you please do this for me?

There is a lot of difference in both sentences and you are smart enough to understand it.

11. Apologize sincerely


Nobody is perfect here. So, if you have done something that you think was wrong, accept it and apologize sincerely rather than arguing and defending yourself. Even after apologize if someone is criticizing you, don’t lose your cool, just listen and give yourself time to find the room for improvements.

12. Be approachable

Not only in personal or professional life but be approachable to everyone you meet. Being approachable will come in handy in many situations in our adult life and you can start this with just a smile. This will make you an optimistic person and interested in others.

13. Think before speak

Did you remember a very old Idiom “why to cry on spilled milk”? This situation will come only when you speak without knowing its result. Think twice before you speak.

Never make anyone hurt with your bad response even after the concerning person is wrong. Try to find another way to speak it out.

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14. Give respect to everyone

The first step of being nice to others is respecting them. If you haven’t any respect for a person in your mind you can’t be nice to him/her. If you are still trying to be nice, it just for show off or some personal gains.

15. Don’t talk badly

Do you want to look like a bad guy? No!! Why you should. So, if there is not anything good to say, stay quiet.

16. Don’t gossip

talk badly

Everyone hates double-faced people who say nice in from of you and talk bad about you behind. Gossip just waste your time and energy nothing else. So surround yourself with people who talk about mission and vision not about other people.

17. Help others

Always believe in helping others. Being helping others will not only make you a nice person but this will also give you inner peace. Helping others makes you happy and develops a very positive reputation of yours among your known.

18. Care about others

Caring people are real humans actually. You care for others and others will care for you. Whether it’s a human being or animal or even our mother nature, be caring for everything around you. Think about others and work for their happiness.

19. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy and it’s a fact. Be stick on it guys. Being honest sometimes can hurt you for a little time but a single lie will bother you for a long time and some time your one lie can make you regret for a lifetime.

Accept the truth rather than telling a lie and increasing the burden on you.

20. Giving and sharing

Giving and sharing

A giving and sharing attitude is always a great deal. There is a lot of joy in giving. Do good to others and receive happiness and inner peace in return. The happiness of giving will flood with positive energy within you.

21. Remember people’s name

Asking for the name, again and again, will make others feel that you are not giving importance to him/her and it’s not a sign of a nice person at all.

If you can remember the name of reel life movie character than why can’t you remember the name of someone you meet and talked for a while?

22. Thank you email/note/text

Online conversations are increasing day by day so try to be nice on social media and online chats as well. Say “thank you” and “please”. Talk with some basic antiquates.

23. Be humble

Be humble for better relationships in your life. Never think that you are better than anyone else. You might be better than someone but there are many people who are better than you too. So, find a way to be humble in every situation and be loving and gentle.

24. Stop comparing

stop comparing

Everyone has a different style of working. Respect them and never compare them with anyone else. Just focus on the end result.

25. Stop giving excuse

Learn to take responsibilities whether it’s in your favor or not. Instead of giving excuses, focus on what matters. This can also make things out of control.

26. Don’t blame others

Real leaders don’t blame. They understand the situation and find solutions together. If they fail, don’t blame. Believe in their abilities and encourage them. This will make you a nice person and a true leader.

27. Encourage others

Tell how great things he or she has done. How nice they are and what can they do. Appreciate their goals and always show your interest in their work. Be available for them and keep encouraging them will make you a good guy in front of them.

28. Try other’s activities

What’s wrong trying new things or adopting a new hobby that too for other’s happiness? There is nothing wrong. At last, you are going to learn a new thing and making new friends.

29. Be curious

Be curious

Curiosity is something that you should never lose. Be curious to learn new things, show your interest in things around you. This will help you learn to remember, grow and enhance your mental health.

30. Don’t give advice until it’s requested

Don’t be an expert even after you are. When it’s asked, Just remember that there is very little chance your advice will be accepted. Un-requested advice sometimes can be unintentionally harmful. So, just wait to being asked for.

31. Never say I told you so

Indirectly you are saying “You are wrong and I am right”. This is not a sign of a nice person and will definitely not make you happy too. Instead, you can say we already tell ourselves.

32. Make time for others

You are not born to being selfish. I know we all have a lot of work to be done but we can’t ignore our well-wishers. Find some time to meet and talk to them. This will definitely make them feel special and you a nice person.

33. Be fully present to others

Finding time to someone isn’t only enough. If you have found some time from your busy schedule, be available for them fully. Think about them, talk about them not about only you and your business. Listen to them spend a good time together.

34. Don’t be nice for your personal gain only

Being nice for your personal gain will not give you inner peace and there is also not any surety that another person will not notice this act. So, be nice for your inner peace, self-satisfaction, and, other’s happiness.

35. Don’t discuss People’s Appearances

God has made everyone different. Remember that you are also not perfect. There are people better than you. Judging someone with their physical appearance is the biggest mistake we actually do. Appearance isn’t everything.

At last, only these ways can’t make you a nice person, you must have craze to be nice. Be committed to your good habits and believe in helping others.

Thanks for reading. Have a great time.

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