7 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money with Your Laptop

7 legitimate ways to earn money with your laptop

Earning money is one of the most important necessities of life. To earn a good amount of money, one must not work for full time. Even if individuals spend up to 3 or 4 hours of their time dedicated to activities, they can earn steady cash of income right from working at home with their own laptops.

Here are 7 different ways you can make money online with the help of your laptop:

1: Learn skills with valuable outcomes:

Undertaking online courses will not only enable you to earn new skills but also make money online. Make the most of your laptop and develop your skills. Websites like Edx and Coursera offer a plethora of online courses of all varieties ranging from mass communication courses to data building and analytics. Skills learned from these sites can lead you to successful jobs in various areas which can either be online or offline in most cases.

Individuals can have an added advantage in their lifetime career opportunities and maximize their earning potential, so learning new skills with any soft skills training courses uk is definitely a one-time investment.

2: Start an online blog

A blog helps you to follow your passions and dreams. How you might ask? Users can write articles and create free blog content online by writing about their skills and interests, informative articles about a product or service, experiences or news articles and the list go on.

A blog with enough page views can put paid ads on the site and can give you a customer base for specialized products like ebooks or online courses that can bring in anything from a side income to a hefty amount of income.

Blogging websites like WordPress and Wix help you to create an informative blog that not only helps you to make money with affiliate marketing but also enables you to sell your own products through your self-hosted blog.

A WordPress or blog user can easily monetize his blog by using the right keywords to target the affiliate products, run the GoogleAdSense and creating a private forum. Individuals creating a blog have to focus on Search engine optimization and effective ways to attract more traffic and audience to their websites.

3: Take online surveys

There are many sites that reward users for taking surveys and that is the easiest way of making money online. Users can simply sign up on websites and proceed to take surveys. Each answered question generally carries a few points.

Online websites like Triaba and Mysurveys pay for all the surveys answered. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of spending several minutes answering questions only to find out that you don’t qualify for the survey’s target demographic, Surveyjunkie may be a cut above other survey sites.

It is very convenient and easy for the clients to take online surveys too. The job also allows an individual to complete the survey at their own end and leisure time and gives him ample time to work with the survey and be honest in answering the questions.

4: Data Entry or Transcription Jobs:

Simple jobs like data entry require individuals to simply enter the data in an excel sheet or a word file. Transcription jobs involve a lot of hard work and it includes converting the audio files into a text format. Most transcription jobs usually pay you per minute of the audio file converted.

Companies prefer doing data entry work directly from an audio file. They may have some types of qualifications criteria or you may require to take tests before you start working but if you fulfill them, you can take on as much work as you like.

Digital marketing startup companies and also well-established companies pay for many online marketing jobs. These jobs include:

  • Content writing
  • Research and Development
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading

Jobs like content writing depend upon the content and quality of the write-up provided. Most of the companies usually provide the topic to write and also provides the keywords that are important for content building. This requires prior knowledge of SEO and Keywords optimization to work efficiently. Certain work from home content writing agencies pays you according to the article’s quality while others pay you according to the pages you have written.

5: Use the power of social media to promote your products

Social media is one of the best places to promote your product online. It not only attracts a large audience and mass of people but will enable you to sell your products to buyers interested from across the globe.

Post or tweet about the product and put in the appropriate link so if anybody clicks on it and buys, you’ll then be credited for the sale.

Join a group of peers and try affiliate marketing.

6: Virtual assistant

There is an increasing number of business process outsourcing (BPO’S), developed technological infrastructure and modern IT hubs in many different countries. All of these jobs mostly exist in a work-from-home outlet where individuals can work directly from their homes and most of the virtual assistants work from home.

Businesses can outsource tasks to virtual assistants in order to get more work done, quickly, efficiently, and affordable. Many companies in India can help you and provide support for anything from managing your schedule to organizing your emails.

In particular, these types of virtual assistant jobs include:

  • Outsourcing services
  • Customer support for products
  • Virtual customer service
  • Communication services
  • Virtual customer associate

This could be anything from providing research, sorting the emails of potential employee candidates or making lunch reservations with a prospective client.

There are many sites available to connect busy people with individuals looking to make a little extra cash on the side as an online personal assistant.

The larger the client the virtual assistant firm targets, the more is paid to the individuals. It mostly depends upon the quality and content of the work they do.

7: Work freelance

Freelance jobs are solely based on the skills and talents that you possess. It gives an individual the freedom to work from within the comfort of their own homes without having to travel to different places to do the jobs.

The best part about working as a freelancer is that there is a variety of freelancing websites to choose to take up a freelancing job. You will have access to hourly and weekly jobs that range from content writing to blog development, customer service associate, graphics and logo designers, data entry and transcription of audio materials in different languages, photographer, Adobe editors, Photoshop editors, etc.

Another added benefit of working freelancing is that unlike a desk job, one can take as many breaks as he might wish too. The individual is able to control the workload he is assigned. The freelancer is the king and his own work-boss which gives him the benefit of expanding his horizons of knowledge and evolve their individual skill sets.

Some may think that it is almost next to impossible to earn a steady income by working online and offline for part time jobs, but once they reach their goals, they will know it was worth it. You can pay off your debts and save for big purchases too!

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