20 Ways to Laugh More

20 Ways to Laugh More

There is no side effect of laughing more. In fact, science has proved that smiling and laughing more has a lot of benefits linked with our health. Laugh cure several health problems like stress, depression, heart health, heal emotions and it also makes you a nice person.

So if you have lost your smile or laughing less frequently in your life, this is something that you should take seriously. You must start new hobbies, making new friends and having fun with your best friends. Below is a list of 20 best ways to laugh more in your life.

1. Spend time with your best friend

Best friends are those with whom you can speak without thinking a while. You can insult them carefully. So spending time with your best friend or group of friends will add more laugh in your life.

2. Watch comedy show/Movies

Are you alone? Open your YouTube and search for some funny movies. This reminds me of one of my friends who kept laughing while watching movies using his earphones. There are lots of funny shows that you can subscribe to. Instead of thinking alone, it’s better to watch some comedy shows that relax your mind and add some laugh in your life.

3. View funny videos


Watch short funny video clips on facebook, YouTube, TikTok or wherever possible. Even a 10-second video can make you laugh loudly and this is what we all want.

4. Get rid of your fake smiling habit

A fake smile can’t give you inner satisfaction. Even it can spread negativity within you. If you are smiling at someone, do it fully from your inside not only outside.

5. Spend time with children

Kids actually keep doing the crazy things that can make us laugh at any time. Playing with kids and spending time with them are some happy moments that one should never miss.

6. follow funny people/pages on social media

It’s not always possible to surrounds yourself with your best friends. But thanks for social media where we can convert our free time in fun time. Follow funny and sarcastic pages, peoples on facebook, twitter, and whatever social media you use most.

7. Start your day with a laugh


Start with morning laugh and keep laughing throughout the day. A morning laugh can enhance your mood for the whole day.

8. Smile more

Did you know that a smile actually works as a mood booster? When we smile, it activates neural messaging in our brain and helps you and others feel better. Smile is actually attractive and healthy. It can even turn your enemies in your well-wishers.

9. Play funny videos games

Apart from your work or study, find some time for you to play a funny video game. Video games are actually brain booster and there are few more health benefits linked with playing video games.

10. Participate in funny memes communities


As mentioned above, social media is the best way to have fun. As memes are trending nowadays, you should also start participating with these funny memers.

11. spend time with pets


Dogs, cats and other pets are funny, isn’t it? If you can’t trust, just Google “Funny pet image“. If those pictures and videos can make you laugh, how much laugh in a day you can have once you own one? So, own a pet and add some laughing moments in your life.

12. Start dancing

Don’t worry if you are not a good dancer. There is a thing called freestyle dance. Attend some function or go for a club with your best friend. Always remember dancing has lots of other health benefits as well. So never miss a chance to dance.

13. Get rid of negativity from your mind

Negativity is an inner blockage that not only stops us from laughing but it also made is some kind of sick person. Letting go of negativity can make you smile and laugh more.

14. Laugh at yourself

Learn to laugh at yourself too. It also makes you a nice and optimistic person. Actually it’s one of the hardest skills. But if you want to stay happy in your life, learn this skill. It can boost your mental health.

15. Remake music lyrics

We all did this in our childhood time and some people keep doing this whole life. Sometimes it is always to having fun and making one laugh.

16. Look for humor

A good sense of humor will make you a happy person always. There is a great connection between the sense of humor and laughter. It also makes your learning process easier.

17. Don’t worry about being funny

Do you have some lame joke or something funny to say? Just shoot it out. Don’t hesitate to be funny. People love funny souls. By making someone else laugh; you are doing a social service.

18. Forgot past and make new friends

Sometimes we waste our time remembering old memories that only make us sad. There are no benefits in crying for your past mistakes or memories that make you only hurt. Instead, make new friends, learn new activities and spend time with your best friends.

19. Fart


Why are you laughing? It’s not a joke buddy. Have some guts to accept it and make others too laugh. This one thing can make you great in leaning to laugh at yourself.

20. Prank

Pranks are trending nowadays. Either prank someone in a healthy way or start watching prank videos. There are lots of videos that can make you laugh loudly. Just search on youtube “Funny prank videos” and start watching it. You will definitely have a fun time.

So I am wrapping up it here, but there are more 100s of reasons to laugh. You need to find those reasons in your daily life. Thanks for reading! Stay happy and healthy.

Keep laughing and smiling!!

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