8 Affordable Ways to Promote a Small Local Business

8 Affordable Ways to Promote a Small Local Business

With the number of options available for entrepreneurs, it has become easier than ever to promote the business. However, the choices come with their own set of caveats.

For one, the sheer amount of options can overwhelm people who are starting out in building their businesses.

Should I get a website made for my shop? Which newspapers or magazines are best suited for my ads? How much will this cost me?

For a lot of startup companies and smaller businesses, the budget issue is the most significant as they may have limited resources available.

But without a marketing strategy, most people will not be aware that a company exists, let alone know what it offers. What should entrepreneurs do?

Luckily, not all marketing methods cost a lot to implement. There are marketing techniques that entrepreneurs can take advantage of to promote their business without breaking the bank.

An established printing company in Dubai shares some of the more cost-effective ways of getting the word out to your local community.

1. Use business cards and stationery

Business cards and other branding materials still prove to be exceptionally useful, even in the digital age. There are still people who prefer to visit a brick and mortar shop or call to ask questions.

Giving out business cards remains popular as they are small and portable, which makes it easier for people to pass around to family and friends.

Corporate stationery such as letterheads, on the other hand, adds legitimacy and credibility to your business. Writing letters with an official letterhead makes your company look more trustworthy and professional in the eyes of clients and suppliers.

Similar to business cards, they feature your logo and contact details, both of which can enhance brand awareness.

2. Ask for referrals

Do you have a list of happy and satisfied customers? Make good use of your clients by asking for a referral. It may feel awkward, especially at first, but taking that step can work wonders for your brand.

With asking for referrals, you can turn each client into a potential brand ambassador who can promote and recommend your business to their network of contacts. This can broaden the reach of your brand to markets you didn’t initially consider using before.

Their stories can also act as testimonials and show people what your business is capable of doing. Compared to press releases, testimonials sound more believable and genuine.

People may be more inclined to try your business out if they see a referral from a person they know.

To provide your clients with an additional incentive in giving you a positive review, you can give them a coupon or discount for a future purchase.

Doing so encourages more of your clients to leave you with a testimonial, review, or refer their contacts to your business.

3. Create flyers or brochures

Flyers and brochures are practical and affordable ways of promoting your business within a local community. If you avail of flyer printing in Dubai, for instance, the printed materials can be used to inform or educate people about the following:

  • Opening of your store
  • Where to find or how to contact your company
  • Information about a new product or service
  • Upcoming events (e.g., bake-offs, volunteer work, weekly concert, fundraising activities, classes)
  • Subscription details
  • Ongoing promos, discounts or deals
  • Lists of what you offer (e.g., menu dishes, class schedules)

4. Find local partners

Work with the people in your community. Reach out to local businesses that complement your own and offer to promote their business in your shop.

For instance, if you run a shop that manufactures and sells souvenirs, you may want to work with an event planner. Event organizers can turn to you for orders if they require giveaways for their projects.

Similar to asking your clients for referrals, this can increase brand exposure and broaden the reach of your brand to other markets.

5. Use social media

Opening an account in most, if not all, of the biggest social media networks remains free. With the ability to reach both local and international markets, it would be unwise not to take advantage of these free channels.

Knowing how to reach out to your market using these networks and maintain your accounts requires some time and effort. But if done correctly, social media can elevate your business to greater heights quickly.

6. Build a website

Compared to opening social media accounts, building a website or a blog requires a lot of resources. They need a lot more time, money, and effort to set up effectively. On the other hand, having a website opens your business to both local and international markets.

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A website is not just a necessity for small and medium businesses but also freelancers and professionals. Websites give your brand credibility.

You can also add testimonials and a portfolio to show potential clients some of your best work and how you work with your clients.

7. Become a sponsor

Participate in events in your local community. It doesn’t have to be as grand as providing uniforms to an entire baseball team. If you run a bakery, perhaps you can provide players and participants with food samples or drinks.

An alternative is to get involved in a charitable event in your community. Perhaps some of your staff can help out with the event.

In exchange, the organization will include your logo in their promotional materials or allow you to hang a banner during the event itself.

8. Host classes

Are you knowledgeable or an expert in a subject that is related to your business? If the answer is yes, then you should try hosting a class. Organizing a class, workshop, or seminar is one way to establish your authority in the niche and build your brand.

This marketing technique is especially useful for freelancers. For instance, you can find photographers offering a basic seminar on lighting. Not only will it help your brand, but the event can also provide exposure.

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With the number of marketing options available these days, small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out don’t have to feel restricted.

Taking advantage of the options listed here can help promote your company without leaving a massive hole in your pocket.

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