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webdock review

Webdock was established in 2017. Their main goal was to provide affordable, production-ready, highly efficient, and automated hosting. They wanted to offer the best solution on the market. Hence they focus on only one type of hosting, cloud VPSs and nothing else. As you can see from this review, they have achieved their goal of being the best.

But what exactly is Cloud VPS?

A proprietary cloud computing system called Cloud VPS Hosting Platform is built on Linux’s Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Scalable, virtualized resources offered as a service for purchase on a utility basis are at the heart of cloud VPS.

The advantages of cloud computing and VPS may be combined to provide dynamic provisioning in a scalable virtual environment. The majority of projects may be resourced within minutes, providing almost immediate access to a new server. The best part is that you can accomplish this without changing your server settings or migrating your data.

Why should you choose Webdock?

If you have been searching for cloud VPS hosting, you have probably found Webdock and their website.  Although one can see that their site is text-heavy and requires a lot of scrolling, it is because the company takes great satisfaction in its wide range of features and services. They are not leaving anything unmentioned.

In this article, we have decided to look at a few very important aspects when it comes to finding a great hosting provider. You will be able to find all their services on their website; hence we are not focusing on that.

So, if you are interested in Webdock, continue reading and find out if they are your ideal host.


Their website, as previously said, is poorly designed. It has too much material, and the main page doubles as the paying page. However, if you had the willpower to read everything, you’d discover that Webdock is fundamentally pretty straightforward and comes with a few good features.


Webdock data centers are environmentally sustainable, employing exclusively renewable sources of energy, as is proudly claimed on their website. Running server facilities requires a lot of resources, so choosing an eco-friendly host will ensure that your website does not have a negative impact on the environment.


Webdock takes great effort to maintain a top-tier level of security and stability as a business that places a high priority on users. They employ a range of hardware and software techniques to do this.

High system performance

They chose to shift from many users on one server to several. Fewer clients are using the server simultaneously, which means more resources are distributed among fewer clients This leads to improved system performance.

Some of the features that you receive are LAMP and LEMP troubleshooting, 24/7 server monitoring, DDoS attack prevention, and assistance with GDPR DPA. This makes the server, not just high performing but also extremely safe and protected from cyber threats.


You may contact the support team by email, live chat, or a feedback form. Depending on the query, response times might range greatly from a few minutes to a whole day, with urgent matters receiving first consideration.

Be aware that some of the departments might not always be accessible, so you may need to wait until they are.


Choosing a cloud VPS hosting is a great option for any medium to big size website. Wbdock is an excellent provider that will allow you to host your website on their envrinmentaly friendly servers. So, if you want a great and reliable website, consider choosing this hosting plan.

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